Ovarian cycle

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OVERIAN CYCLE Prof. Husan Bano

Learning Objectives :

Learning Objectives At the end of this lecture you should be able to: describe the ovarian cycle . enumerate the ovarian hormones . enlist the functions of ovarian hormones explain the regulation of ovarian hormone describe the menstrual cycle explain the menstrual disorders

What is Ovarian Cycle?:

What is Ovarian Cycle? Definition: It is the cyclic behavior of female reproductive system is called “ Ovarian Cycle ”

Ovarian Cycle:

Ovarian Cycle Ovarian cycle and uterine cycle ( Menstural cycle) regulated due to release of GnRH from hypothalamus.

Ovarian Cycle:

Ovarian Cycle Hypothalamus GnRH FSH and LH release Periodic changes in ovarian functions occur Periodic release of ovum Secretion of hormones ( Estrogen and Progesterone )

Ovarian Cycle or Follicular maturation:

Ovarian Cycle or Follicular maturation In each ovary follicles are present. Each follicle contain oocyte Primary Oocyte have diploid number of chromosomes. During each ovarian cycle, Primary oocyte complete 1 st . meotic division 1 st meotic division is completed shortly before ovulation. It is followed by formation of secondary oocyte and first polar body .

Ovarian Cycle or Follicular maturation:

Ovarian Cycle or Follicular maturation In secondary oocyte , granulosa cells increases in number and theca cells develpoed . As the follicle grows, the antrum is formed. Fully matured pre- ovulatry follicle is called “ Graffian’s follicle ”

Follicular maturation before puberty:

Follicular maturation before puberty Non cyclic GnRH independent. Primary follicle grow continuously to the early antral phase but never reach complete maturation because no FSH and LH secretion from pituitary.

Follicular maturation after puberty:

Follicular maturation after puberty Continuously takes place after puberty. It is GnRH dependent . GnRH dependent maturation shows cyclic pattern. Average cycle duration is 28 days . In each cycle matured ovum is released.

Corpus Luteum:

Corpus Luteum After release of ovum,follicle filled with blood called Corpus hemorragicum . Corpus luteum secrete estrogen and progesterone .

Ovarian Hormones:

Ovarian Hormones Estrogen Progestrone Androgens All are steroid in nature. Some peptide hormones also secreted from ovaries.


Estrogen Chemical structure : C18 Source: Follicular cells Corpus luteum Placenta Adrenal cortex

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