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EXTRA-PYRAMIDAL TRACTS Professor Husan Bano Department of Physiology Al- Tibri Medical College & Hospital ISRA University Karachi Campus


EXTRA-PYRAMIDAL TRACTS Extra pyramidal tract act as alternative route for volitional impulses. Some of these tract are the direct tracts while other are crossed tract. Decussation ( crossing) occur at the level of their origin.


EXTRA-PYRAMIDAL TRACTS Extra-pyramidal tract includes: Rubro -spinal tract Tecto -spinal tract Reticular-spinal tract Vestibulo -spinal tract Olivo -spinal tract

Rubro-Spinal Tract:

Rubro -Spinal Tract Arises from red nucleus. Immediately crosses to the opposite side. Passes through pons and medulla oblongata. Enter into the lateral white column of spinal cord. Give the impulses to AHC. Rubro -spinal tract have facilitating influence on flexor muscle tone. Functions:

Tecto-Spinal Tract:

Tecto -Spinal Tract Arises from deeper layer of superior colliculi . Immediately crosses to the opposite side. Passes through pons and medulla. Enter into the anterior white column and terminate upon AHC. It control the reflex postural movements in response to visual and auditary stimuli Functions:

Reticulo-Spinal Tract:

Reticulo -Spinal Tract Arises from pontine nuc leus of pons and reticular formatio n of medulla. The fibers originating from pontine nucleus terminate into anterior white col umn. The fibers originating from reticular formation terminate into antero -lateral white column of spinal cord .

Functions of Reticulo-Spinal Tract :

Functions of Reticulo -Spinal Tract It stimulate or inhibit the voluntary movements It altered the muscle tone. It modify the respiration It altered the blood pressure. It altered the sensory impulses.

Olivo-Spinal Tract:

Olivo -Spinal Tract Arises from inferior olivary nucleus of medulla. Enter into anterior white column of spinal cord. Give the signals to AHC. Functions: Function of this tract is unknown .

Vestibulo-Spinal Tract:

Vestibulo -Spinal Tract Arises from vestibular nucleus of medulla. Run entire length of spinal cord. Terminate into lateral white column to AHC

Functions Vestibulo-Spinal Tract: :

Functions Vestibulo -Spinal Tract: Lateral vestibular nucleus: control reflex spinal activities. Medial vestibular nucleus : control the different reflex phenomena such as nausea vomiting, palpation perspiration eye movements and neck movements .

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Superior Colliculi Tecto -spinal tract Red Nucleus Rubro -spinal tract Pontine nucleus Reticular Nuclei Reticular-spinal tract

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