4 Prominent Issues Solved By Logistics

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Logistics service providers are working hard to drive more and more efficiency in the process logistics i.e. safe movement of goods from origin to destination.


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4 Prominent Issues Solved By Logistics In a near perfect competition market like today the companies which are constantly changing in terms of services and technologies are only able to survive. Most of the key market players are well aware of the need for outsourcing of various services like BPO supply chain management etc. In the logistics industry those businesses providing services of logistics to other businesses are called 3PL Third Party Logistics. After analysing the working of large business houses and supply chain managers the most common issues faced by businesses which are solved by these 3PL service providers are enlisted below: 1. Risk Mitigation As most of the international trade is done through the sea route which can be sometimes very dangerous and very uncertain. Logistics service providers are working hard to drive more and more efficiency in the process logistics i.e. safe movement of goods from origin to destination. No business can survive without the timely delivery of accurate goods to the importer. These service providers have years of experience and with the help of technology they can provide on-time delivery in the stipulated time. Real-time location sharing and insurance are some of the facilities that these 3PL services providers use for safeguard against probable risks in international shipping.

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2. International Business Trends There are plenty of trade agreements among different nations at the international level. Knowing all these rules and regulations can be a daunting task for the businessman. These rules include the quality of goods restricted and prohibited in a particular area. With the large trade network in various nations these agents have a good knowledge of working in custom departments of various nations. All the rules of prohibition and restrictions are on their tips. The businesses which are new in international trade often lacks in having a clear idea about any changes in rates and duties which can be easily solved by these agents working efficiently. By delegating the responsibility of transportation and warehousing to these companies or agents a businessman can rest and have some the peace of mind. 3. Human Errors/Labour Issues However no process can completely remove the humans in the process yet including more and more automated process in the business can certainly decrease the level of human errors to a minimum. Automation in the processes doesnt only mean automation in documents filing and billing process it also includes the inclusion of driver fewer cars automated trucks lorries and other software in the logistics business. By increasing the ration of the computerised process logistics companies have certainly minimised human errors. 4. Transparency In the absence of technology the most important issue was of transparency once the consignment leaves for the destination there was no tracking available. Also consignment used to be get delayed than the estimated delivery time. There are 2 types of tracking available nowadays 1. Mobile phone tracking and other is GPS tracking of the consignment. Now both the consignor and consignee can track the location providing more transparency to the whole process. All the data is stored in the server and can be accessed by an authorised person only. Summary As we will be moving forward towards a perfect competition market there will be less scope of errors and mistakes. No business can survive with human errors anymore. Customers worldwide need timely delivery of the quality goods only. By introducing the more and more automated process in the system these agents can work in every possible way for enhancing the businesses.

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