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Semrush: Important Tips and Review Semrush is the best keyword research tool used by marketing experts to find their long tail keywords and ranking well in google by knowing important results of their competitors domains. It is the most important tool in providing high-value long tail keywords keyword ranking on page health PPC campaigns and SEO in general. In it you can know very important information 9 operations as in the picture:

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Semrush: Likes dislikes according to experts opinions Likes: Logical sequence of its dashboard from the first look it contacts your desires of your keywords research and what you want to know about. Great experience and ability in comparing competitors domains in many aspects such as domain authority SERP results backlinks and key metrics. Highly advanced analysis of competitive features which work very well in SEO which help you discover how your keywords do well or not. The knowledge of organic traffic for any website and the sources keywords of which cause that organic traffic Very useful when working on Google Adwords as it helps you in finding very suitable keywords which will help you so much in your paid campaigns. Dislikes: Disconnecting with Google analytics and Google Adwords in keywords data as if there is a connection between the two tools they will be more efficient for many experts and will save a lot of time. The current competitive analysis tool of Semrush isnt the favorite for many users and it will be good if determine the list of keywords which every site compete with. The artificial limitation in tracking competitors some experts want to track more competitors or companies more than 10. It should be updated more to meet SEOs requests. know more about Semrush From that article What You Need To Know About Semrush Using Semrush in finding high-value long tail keywords

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Long Tail Keywords is an important term in SEO and for any expert and very useful in marketing products. The term long tail keyword refers to phrases with low competition and low monthly search volume but by combining group and reasonable group of longtail keywords in one article this will make that article appears in the first pages concerning the main keyword which long tail keywords are derived from. Semrush helps you to find high-value long tail keywords as it does it through analyzing the keywords of your competitors which are highly niches websites which they are ranking through or the highly paid keywords which your competitors pay for in their CPC traffic using google Adwords or google entering the domain URL or the keyword Semrush will appear the For example lets test the keyword "long tail keyword" through Semrush tool. By entering that keyword Semrush will reveal you combinations of phrases containing the term "long tail keyword" which can your order and choose the best from them mixing in a reasonable content. Semrushs data By searching on your competitors domain Semrush will provide you with very important data concerning keywords CPC Volume monthly search position results and trends of that domain the matter will help you to compete and rank well knowing these data. Here it is an example of analyzing Keyword row shows you the keywords of which it ranks well or getting traffic through them. Position row shows you the position of that keyword in search engines. Volume row shows you the monthly search operations of that keyword. KD keyword difficulty row show you the rate of the difficulty of that keyword and you can arrange it from high to low or from low to high and the higher percentage is the harder to compete or to achieve high ranking from that keyword. The CPC row show you cost per click of that keyword in ad campaigns of the competitors. URL show you the URL of the articles which

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contain that keyword or the landing page of that keyword. Traffic row shows you the percentage of traffic which come through that keyword and you can arrange it ascending descending or descending ascending. Costs row shows you the estimated price of that keyword you can use arrows to display results from descending to ascending or the contrary. Trends row shows you the interest of the audience or users of that keyword in a period of 12 months. SERP row shows you a snapshot of the search engine results page SERP for the given keyword. you can choose one of these top 20 keyword research tools used by marketing experts in finding long tail keyword Semrush pricing You can choose the best plan for using semrush from that picture after you use it as a trail. Conclusions Semursh comes in the first place of the keywords tools which experts use to find their long tail keywords. It isnt just a keyword tool for finding keywords or long tail keywords for your niche or brand it has many and many metrics in finding your keywords and on how to deal with them and know your precise place on these keywords place. Using Semrush helps you in finding the most profitable keywords for your niche or website and helps you in finding your competitors strategies in their paid keywords. Semrush covers more than 1 and a half million keywords with analyzed data that based on more than 48 million domains and it is so trusted and effective keywords and analyzing research tool as its users know are more than 1 million including SEO and SEM professionals and experts.

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The most effective feature in Semrsush is its way in analyzing competitors site as it measures the organic ranking for keywords of any site in any month and how that ranking changes from a month to another and show all these data in very organized show way and very easy to deal with from the first moment even if you are using it for the first time. More than this it shows your competitors paid keyword list. By comparing among competitors from many sides such as backlinks backlinks type domain age domain authority domain strength SERP results organic and paid keywords top anchors and more than that you can know where are you from your competitors and try to do your best by knowledge their way in achieving so or the choice of other easy keywords to come through either organic or paid. Concerning any data you can export them to Excel CSV or CSV semicolon file or you can view full report but these is available in paid version not in its 14 days free trail as you can test it for fourteen days but actually it doesnt give your all the benefits of the premium version. That tool gives you very novel advantages not found in any other keyword tool concerning keyword research SEO or SEM then you can track your clients website to know where are your from your competitors and from different search engines and to know what your competitors do to rank well and go with their words on the first page. Its high speed in show results is one of the most big advantages concerning Semrush as it faster than any other tool concerning keyword research and competitors analyzing moreover it shows your form the very beginning by its precise analyzing to continue or not in your certain keywords by showing you how other competitors do or don’t do their best concerning your target keywords then you can choose to continue with less effort or not continue and save your effort dealing with other keywords. And by splitting the keywords in their search volume you will discover the relevance of these keywords and either it is relevant or not to work with them. Source Read Also 3 Accurate Effective and Free Keyword Search Tools FAQ Concerning Keywords

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