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10 advices to be genius


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How To Be Genius In 10 Steps Everyone want to be genius in one field at least and thinks that genius is a talent that is right to some extent but if it is extremely true genius will be owned by few people but genius is some rules you should follow to be so read these 10 steps based on Einsteins quotes to acquire genius someday. 1 - Perseverance and determination Einstein says "the idea isnt that Im genius but that I have much time in solving problems" Einstein then thinks that genius is 1 talent 99 work and perseverance and there is no genius innately but there are diligent who want to achieve what they are believing on to them and to others around them and remember if you want to find a chance find it among difficulties. 2 – Follow your curiosity Genius has no private talent but a great love of knowledge he seeks knowledge whenever it is just follows your curiosity and dont stop asking about what you want to know and dont stop seeking answers for it.

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3 – Knowledge comes from experience Knowledge is not the sum of information that someone can gets without any effort but the only source of knowledge is trial and error Einstein gets that rule in his saying that culture is what reminds in our brains after we forgot what we have studied in our schools. 4 – Learn the rules of the game You should learn the rules of the game at first to play better than the others youll not conquer them if you dont know the rules of the game. Einstein says a quotation like that means that when you know your limits and the roof of your ability the second step is to come over that roof and go beyond these abilities and the only persons who can make impossible are those who believe what the others think impossible. 5- Seek simplicity When introducing your thoughts seek the simplicity in conveying them to others if you cant convey your idea to a 6- year child you yourself dont get it any stupid make things very and very complex but they need a genius touch to be very simple. 6 – Use your imagination Imagination is more important than knowledge itself with imagination you have a clear vision of the future and the imagination is the mobile to develop ourselves with renewal and innovation. 7 – Make mistakes One who has no mistakes is the one who doesnt learn anything or tests anything Einstein says that that the only way to have no mistakes is to stand without doing anything make mistakes to learn new things. 8 – Live your moment Dont disturb your brain with thinking of the future it will come so soon live your moment you dont have the time but the moment you are living in so do your best in that moment and live it with all meaning of life. 9 – Search the value Dont conquer for success seek but search the value to make a meaning to your success search the value and dont search the success. 10 – Dont expect different results

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When doing the same things dont expect different results it is the madness itself we cant solve intractable problems if you remain thinking with the same way that caused these problems if you have a problem you should have more time in thinking about it that in solving it. Conclusion Every time has its incidents and spirit which affects strongly persons who live in that time you may remember some of your old days and think that your deed and so the others were very nonsense and remember that even your very intelligent relative were doing these deeds which were in its time very acceptable but now you accept it hard if you dont accept it at all. That indicates strongly that our minds are in progress you may saw in the past someone who was against the spirit and the incidents of his time that man is the real genius always look forward and dont give up for your age circumstances or incidents. Source www.e-marketingreviews.com Read Also 3 Accurate Effective and Free Keyword Search Tools FAQ Concerning Keywords 4 Necessary Strategies To Make Y our Successful Brand On The Web 7 Basics To Begin Y our Successful Niche 11 Awesome And Mind-Shocking Marketing Quotes

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