3 Free Keyword Research and SEO tools


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3 Free Keyword Research and SEO tools


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3 Accurate Effective and Free Keyword Search Tools Keyword search tool is the first step to rank on google and if you choose your keywords carefully and target the most profitable long tail keywords within your articles youll need to come back to your articles and edit them after discovering that your chosen keywords dont work well on Google and different search engines so from the very beginning you should be aware of keyword research and should find the most profitable long tail keywords with less competition which will serve your ranking. Here we have three amazing free tools that can help you to simply achieve that aim. To get new ideas for your keyword you should use one of these free tools which enable you to know wonderful keywords which have more research and less competition. We introduce these tools to choose the best for you also you can use them all whatever these tools are: Amazon website

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Google AdWords keyword planner tool Alexa website We will test these wonderful tools upon one keyword for example furniture and get you the three results from these tools lets begin Using Amazon website to get new keyword ideas and finding wonderful keywords: Testing word: furniture Go to Amazon website and choose from search box books Then write down the Keyword furniture then start searching the results will be a great deal of book about furniture

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Look inside the book and if it has the last page which include the index of the book that will be great as this index includes the main interests which lost of people are interested in and the author had made many researches to find out what people are interested in then he indexed it and built his book upon his researches.

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Write down what you are interested in from that index then find out another book and make the same thing to collect about 200 or 300 keywords in notepad or another sheet. These keyword that you get from amazon will not be the same of that in Google AdWords keyword planner tool and this in itself is a great step to find out wonderful keywords among these group. Using Google engine and Google AdWords keyword planner tool to get new keyword ideas and finding wonderful keywords: The second tool to find wonderful keywords are that of google AdWords keyword planner tool it is Google keyword planner and it is a wonderful tool indeed. How to use the tool Go to Google search engine then write first the word furniture then the same word with a letter or b …e tc.

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Write down these keywords and the related researches in the end of google page

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Write down also about 200 or 300 hundred keywords in notepad file we for example write these Furniture design software Furniture pdf Furniture online Furniture design bedroom Furniture catalogue Furniture for sale Furniture rental Furniture kingdom We will mention later how to analyze these keywords which we get from the earlier mentioned tools and the last coming one which is Alexa website You may be interested in : Two Important Tips Concerning Google Keyword Planner Tool Using Alexa website to get new keyword ideas and finding wonderful keywords: Go to Google and the word furniture Then copy the URL of sites which are interested in furniture and go to Alexa website to analyze them as in its analyzing them it introduce to you the first important five keywords that this site made upon them in premium account youll get more results Write down the results that you get from analyzing many sites to go to the second step:

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How to choose your keywords and choose the best from them You wrote your keywords down and now you are ready to test them ok well introduce to you how to test them by using one from the previous tools which is Google keyword planner from Google AdWords Go to this tools from here Google keyword planner You must have Gmail account and you must be logged in to continue in using the tool: Copy the groups of words ideas which you have obtained from the previous tools Well copy these words: Furniture design software Furniture pdf Furniture online Furniture design bedroom Furniture catalogue Furniture for sale Furniture rental Furniture kingdom Then click on get idea button and choose keywords idea not Ad groups ideas and download the excel file

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From the previous 8 key words we get 808 another keywords ideas with different avg.monthly searches and different competitions Open that excel file cut the unnecessary columns as ad groups and currency and arrange the avg.monthly searches from smallest to largest and delete the smallest numbers then arrange the competition column from largest to smallest and delete the largest numbers

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Now you obtain the most wonderful keywords with the least competition but this isnt everything as you must go to the third step to test these words How to test and analyze your chosen keywords to start build your site upon them There are many tools to test your chosen keywords the first way is to choose the words of the least competition among your groups and work upon them write many wonderful and useful articles about them making SEO and leave the rest for Google but only do so if you are enjoying your field and will not leave it in a short time. The second way is to use Google engine to test these key words test about 100 of them to choose the best 10 and write 10 wonderful useful articles about these 10 keywords. Write your key word in the following code to know your competitors: Allintitle: "keyword" Allinurl: "keyword" As that of title and URL is in a small numbers and with high avg.monthly searches then you can use these keywords to build your site or even write one article then achieving its SEO. Conclusion Working on light will help you to see specific results one day so it is your way to choose to work on light or remain in darkness in that actually is the main cause which keyword search tools are invented to help you work on light and among these tools there are the most amazing free profitable keyword search tools which we mentioned previously and it is your chance to have a look at them and see who they work for you. Source www.e-marketingreviews.com You May be Interested In 3 Accurate Effective and Free Keyword Search Tools FAQ Concerning Keywords

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