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Child is Treasure of our Society … Child is a pylon of our society. They are future of any developing as well as developed country, so literally they are treasure of society. What do we mean by Child Labour ... Child labour is employing children who are under aged (generally 5-14 years old)to work as determined laws of a state.This practice is considered to be exploitative in many countries and international organizations. Labor work that harms children. Keeps them out of school. Allows no free time

…..Causes of Child Labour….. :

…..Causes of Child Labour….. Easy available of labour childs … Slam area in any developing country like India is very high,so poor background family’s children are easily available for minimal cost is suiteble for Industries. General causes … Poverty under BPL(Below Poverty Level). parental illiteracy and family size. social apathy. ignorance. lack of education and exposure and inadequate school facilities. Easily accessible, easy to use … Do the full time Commercial work to sustain self or add to the family income.

.…..Effects of Child Labour……:

.…..Effects of Child Labour …… On Children and their family … Child labor is a hazard to a Child’s mental, physical, social, educational, emotional and spiritual development. Broadly any child who is employed in activities to feed self and family then the children’s human rite is been violated.

.…Efforts & Solutions against…. ………...….Child Labour………..….:

.…Efforts & Solutions against…. ………...….Child Labour ………..…. Social liability of protest … To regulated working hours, protected young children and improved working conditions. By Educational system … They are poor so education in distance, causes the child labour . Several steps are taken in different country. Eliminating Fees. percent of education budgets. Reduction of Fees. Scholarship Programs. Meal Programs.

Efforts & Solutions against Child Labour …:

Efforts & Solutions against Child Labour … Legal & judicial action on it … Campaigning by social reform movements led to the Factory Act 1883, the Mine Act 1842 & the Factory Act 1867 in England. Compulsory education, introduced by the Education Act 1870. Almost all countries now have laws which set a minimum age for working. NGOs are against on it as protest Orgs … ILP - In 20th Century, growing awareness world-wide led to the International Labour Organization (United Nations) to develop standards for the protection of child labour . UNICEF - Founded in 1946, UNICEF helps save, protect and improve the lives of children around the world through immunization, education. UNICEF is non-partisan and its cooperation is free of discrimination.

Is all work is bad for children?:

Is all work is bad for children? Some child workers themselves think that illegal work should not be considered in the definition of "child labor." The reason: These child workers would like to be respected for their legal work, because they feel they have no other choice but to work. For example: Child working in tea stalls Garbage pickers Electroplate workers etc…

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