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Transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS – Differences and Theirgrowing Importance in Mobile Marketing As we write millions of transactional and promotional SMS might already have been exchanged. This explains how critical these two types of mediums can be and to make the most out of it you need to understand their principles first. A Bulk SMS provider company in Ahmedabad which is HSP - has pioneered in these two integral technologies and would love to share its benefits with you. Promotional SMS As the name clearly suggests any SMS sent with the intention to promote a business or brand falls under this category. It can be both Text or Voice SMS HSP is the leading Voice SMS company in Ahmedabad too. In India Promotional messages are allowed only between 9AM-9PM thus they have time dependencies as well. If the message is sent with the purpose of selling anything it would straight away fall in this category and have high chances of ending up in the DND Do not Disturb list. Advantages: Sender IDs:

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This is the best tool for building your brand – there is a unique Sender ID assigned and is displayed in your messages. HSP provides this service the leading Bulk SMS and Voice SMS provider company of Ahmedabad where you are provided the power to decide and name it.So decide wisely such that the ID itself is self-explanatory and the customers can relate to you. Timings: You can control what goes out and when. There have been proven researches which states that messages sent between 9-11 AM and 7-9 PM have the highest turnaround rates. So cash-in on this possibility as well. Effective Communication with Customers: You can use it to send Birthday wishes festival wishes any new offer update and for many more purposes the possibilities are numerous. What it will do is show them that you care for your customers and understand their needs. Transactional SMS Transactional or Service messages are intended to send out important updates to customers. This service is deployed mainly by Banks Travel Agencies eCommerce Portals Telecommunication vendors etc. One thing to note here is Transactional messages strictly doesn’t allow for any promotions – and if found doing same could result in serious penalties by the authorities.

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Advantages: Fastest Mode of Communication: As you are sending out important information speed matters. At HSP a Pioneer Bulk SMS provider company in Ahmedabad we can guarantee speedy and real-time delivery of your messages to your customers which would be sent using the best of the SMS gateways. Availability: Unlike Promotional SMSs having a limited window of time Transactional SMSs enjoy 24x7 availability as it deals with sending out important customer information. Be it your recent transaction alert from your Bank or your ticket booking confirmation receipt from your travel agency – they all have the liberty to send out the information real-time without any time constraints. DND list Exceptions: Once you register yourself to send out Transactional messages you are automatically exempted from any DND list which saves you from any hassles caused due to non-receipt of the messages by your customers. We hope that we were able to clearly explain the differences between these SMS terminologies and would be happy to help you in case you have any queries regarding these. Kindly contact HSP the best Voice SMS company in Ahmedabad.

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