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Real life Web 2.0 examples from the enterprise, these screens were built at Harbinger Systems and are being used in the enterprise.


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Enterprise Web 2.0Real World Examples Harbinger Systems Your partner in technology innovation © 2009 Harbinger Systems, All Rights Reserved HSTW - 105

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Overview Real life Web 2.0 Examples from the Enterprise Built at Harbinger Systems, Used in Corporations What Makes them Great?

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The Great Product Blowout! Trace down parts and suppliers of product Technology Credit: Adobe Flash Product

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Technology Credit: Adobe Flash Trace down parts and suppliers of product

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Dashboard 2.0! Move, collapse, print or refresh dashlets Technology Credit: Ext JS, Fusion Charts

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Animated Graphs Technology Credit: Fusion Charts, Flash

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Responsibilities not categorized Oracle Apps Opening responsibilities loses complete context

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Responsibilities in a tree view Assisted search Responsibilities open within this view Latest news from Oracle Oracle Apps 2.0’ed Technology Credit: Ext JS, RSS

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Google Maps Comes to Inventory Locate inventory on a map and drill-down to a specific location Technology Credit: Mashup, Google Maps

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Ultra-complex Data Entry Technology Credit: Ext JS No cumbersome wizards, no back-and-forth, no cryptic validations, get single-screen WYSIWYG data-entry List Sub-list Tab Sub-tab

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User Involvement (Interactivity) Social FAQ Group activity for interactivity Technology Credit: Flash, .NET

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User Involvement (Feedback) Gather user feedback Represent user feedback Technology Credit: Ext JS, JFreeChart

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Spreadsheet on the browser Apply column filters Move around and sort columns Technology Credit: Ext JS, AJAX

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Categorize by vendor View category subtotals Technology Credit: Ext JS, AJAX

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