Data driven testing for OS API


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An innovative API testing project for a leading Operating System vendor that involved a combination of white-box testing after a phase of parameterized analysis of API, boundary-value analysis and development of a data-driven test harness.


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Challenge Core API considered “already stable”, but increasing number of dependant services eroding confidence System needed enhanced security, performance and functionality testing mechanism Core API in the critical path for each OS release, further delaying multiple individual projects Harbinger Solution Deriving valid and invalid data for API parameters by subjecting API to parameterized analysis through equivalence class and boundary values Innovative elimination strategies to reduce the exploding number of parameter combinations White box analysis phase to ensure that all possible code execution paths are covered Execution phase included writing a data-driven test harness to abstract test data from API and API from result validation Benefits Excellent set of methodically derived test cases for security, performance and functionality testing Test harness separates out dependencies between different teams and projects Significant improvement in development and release speed of services Core API library being built and tested independently and without being slave to uncertainties around future of OS services BOTTOM LINE Company growing its Operating System services backed by a robust testing mechanism in place for its core API DATA-DRIVEN TESTING FOR OS API Situation A leading Operating System vendor with a growing number of OS services Increasing number of services leveraging core API library of the Operating System

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