Compatibility Testing of Devices with OS


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Our customer, a leading Operating System vendor, needed to generate compatibility impact data for third party device drivers for devices across various device categories with an upcoming version of their operating system with a customer-centric usage view...


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Challenge Compatibility testing to cover thousands of devices in a matter of few months How could the company put in place scalable model to test devices with each new OS release in future? Harbinger Solution A representative sample of devices was short-listed in consultation with the company A test laboratory of machines with an installed base of different hardware platforms and debuggers Test design and execution strategy that covered different testing scenarios including: Device and driver management Basic and extended functionality Power management Applets and utilities Benefits Significant amount of actionable data generated through coverage of wide range of popular devices Data provided valuable insights into changes that would break the new OS release functionality Test strategy enabled better understanding of direction that further device compatibility testing should take BOTTOM LINE Company was able to reliably test multiple devices and put many more devices through the test execution plan for one of the most significant OS releases in its history DEVICE-DRIVER COMPATIBILITY TESTING Situation A leading Operating System vendor with thousands of dependent third-party devices and device drivers A new major OS release involving important internal changes coming up within months

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