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Our customer, a leading Operating System vendor, wanted to write a hardware compatibility test program which could help test compatibility of different multimedia devices like CD/DVD ROM / RAM / +-R/RW, with their different operating systems...


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Challenge Constantly evolving specifications and versions required a flexible and extensible program with pluggable support for specification versions Harbinger Solution A test program built on extensible architecture to understand the different specification versions Built-in Intelligence in the program to test a device according to the specification version it reports itself to conform to Testing the device firmware through the Operation System by sending correct command streams and verifying output and results Working with public MMC specification versions to achieve flexibility Benefits Fully automated program to test hundreds of multi-media devices supporting numerous specification versions Significant efficiencies on operations, maintenance and extensions of the program itself in response to continuously evolving specs BOTTOM LINE Company is able to incorporate newer specification versions very quickly and test new devices promptly and reliably MMC CARD CONFORMANCE TESTING OF MULTI-MEDIA DEVICES Situation A leading Operating System vendor with many third-party multi-media devices like CD / DVD ROM / +- R / RW The multiple OS versions and devices support various multi-media card (MMC) command-set specifications

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