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A rich social networking application that goes the whole nine yards, including blogs, forums, RSS feeds, Google maps, polls and profile pages for sports enthusiasts from various walks of life.


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Challenge Extensive research required to conceptualize and design the application end-to-end Complex client-side scripting and use of an as yet new and unproven AJAX technology Harbinger Solution MS .NET portal with features including forums, Blogs, RSS feed viewer and Google Maps Browser add-on to upload data from sport utility devices from Garmin and Nike+ Flash and ActionScript technologies for Jazzing up UI, Graphs and Charts Asynchronous transfer of data and use of XML, XSLT and AJAX in tandem for faster user experience Technologies & Tools Microsoft .NET, AJAX, XML, XSLT Garmin and Nike+ sports devices Forums, RSS Feed viewer, Blogs and Google Maps Browser plug-in, Facebook app, mobile browser compatibility Benefits Users managing their detailed training and workout plans and results on the website Users uploading their workout and training metrics to the website using Garmin and Nike+ devices Users uploading sports related race results for sharing with other users Community being used by users to organize events and motivate other users BOTTOM LINE Feature-rich platform for athletes and serious sports enthusiasts to interact and manage their workouts SOCIAL NETWORKING PORTAL FOR SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS Situation A Silicon valley startup with an idea to bring together amateur and professional athletes Idea to provide in-depth training and workout features Need for a rich and personalized social interaction platform

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