Web Based Interface to Manage the Host Platform & Services


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A secure web based middleware was developed to access host platform and services of the console


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HSTC3112 www.harbinger-systems.com ©2013 Harbinger Systems. All Rights Reserved Web Based Interface to Manage the Host Platform & Services

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Industries Software Product Companies Mobile Application Developers Healthcare Companies Consumer Internet Companies High-Tech Systems Vendors eLearning HARBINGER SYSTEMS Overview Harbinger Systems is a leading provider of software engineering services to some of the world's best product companies. Our services span solution consulting, software design, development, testing and test automation. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Harbinger Systems works with its customers as a partner in technology innovation. www.harbinger-systems.com Services Enterprise Software Development Open Source Development Advanced Testing Services Systems Testing Performance Engineering Security Testing Test Automation eLearning Solutions Also Read Our White Papers… Interactive User Experience (IUX): Going Beyond Interfaces Comparing Adobe Flex & JavaScript The Enterprise Software Makeover Guide Five Javascript Frameworks: A Point-by-point Comparison A Harbinger Systems Case Study Follow us: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | SlideShare | LinkedIn Technologies Mobility Cloud Web Applications Open Sources BI and Analytics ©2013 Harbinger Systems. All Rights Reserved

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www.harbinger-systems.com www.harbinger-systems.com rfi@harbingergroup.com ©2013 Harbinger Systems. All Rights Reserved Situation A US based startup company in the domain of network security developed an innovative application using intelligent malware behavior based analysis The features of network security application’s background service were accessible only via console on Linux Harbinger Solution Developed custom frameworks and API’s resulting in considerable reduction in development time Implemented a multi threaded component which can perform a simple yet robust communication with the console. Architected a batch wise configuration update mechanism which can intelligently modify config commands to avoid lengthy application restarts. Bean categorization carried out based on spring profiles at application startup. The platform switches implementations based on the underlying operating system. Utilized file system call-backs and mapped the new events with old ones to avoid duplicate events and sent them to Syslog swiftly via RFC 3164 format Elevation of permissions at the native level and invoked using Java Native Interface Technologies & Tools Java Spring Framework Python Bash AWK and SED Benefits Customer is able to leverage first mover advantage resulting in early ROI. Customer could achieve around 60% reduction of developer’s time for implementing validations. Seamless conversion of Console application to web over Windows and Linux with improved performance Customer able to capture wider market share by application’s multiple OS support Instantaneous mitigation of the problem by system administrator Ensured better system stability and security BOTTOM LINE A secure web based middleware was developed to access host platform and services of the console. Challenge Develop a middleware with a quick turnaround to align with aggressive marketing strategies Need for a REST based interface for data consumption by 3rd party apps and platforms Ease of portability from Linux to Windows is of prime concern Instant reporting of events over TCP Elevating and de-elevating user privileges as required at run time CSH Tomcat Xstream and Jackson JSON Serialization Web Based Interface to Manage the Host Platform & Services

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