iPhone Wheel Game for Trivia


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The iPhone Wheel Game For Trivia developed using Unity3d Game Framework, accelerometer used to tilt the wheel which reads the questions and categories from an xml file when rotated with touch by user.


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HSTCG907 www.harbinger-systems.com THE IPHONE WHEEL GAME FOR TRIVIA

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Challenge To judiciously use the limited screen size of iPhone To display wheel as well as question screens To retain the context of the game across screen transitions The app needed to display questions randomly from a file The questions need be to be customizable Need for Rapid Application Development game engine, capable of publishing 3D games on iPhone Harbinger Solution An iPhone App using Unity3d Game Framework The application displays a wheel to be spun by a fling action on screen The application reads the questions and categories from an xml file. Questions are read randomly Animations for wheel rotation and transition between screens resulting in a connected and engaging gaming experience Accelerometer to tilt the wheel, based on the angle of iPhone while playing Technologies & Tools Unity3D Game Engine for iPhone Cinema4D for 3D Asset Creation iPhone touch/drag events handled from Unity Game Engine JavaScript, XML Parsing for game logic File Reading for XML I/O operations Animation effects to handle screen transitions and object resizing Benefits The company was able to reduce time to market by moving quickly from conceptualization to delivery of game thereby gaining competitive edge Due to customizable questions, the company could stage the same application for multiple types of trivia games BOTTOM LINE Company offered a customizable 3D version of a popular trivia game on iPhone with a great gaming experience THE IPHONE WHEEL GAME FOR TRIVIA www.harbinger-systems.com Situation A start-up company looking to tap the growing demand for gaming applications on mobile, and wanted to engage the gamers by offering a 3D game on iPhone

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