iPhone Sports Client with GPS Tracking


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iPhone client for a sports portal that records user workout details and schedule, tracks athlete location, training route covered and displays on a map.


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Challenge The company wants to meet competitor features and also provide differentiated service via popular and lifestyle mobile phones like the iPhone and BlackBerry The company wants to leap ahead of the competition with new-age mobile features Harbinger Solution Mobile client for the portal that records workout timing, schedules, information on athlete weight, calories burnt, nutrition etc. The client tracks athlete location, training route covered and timing, and displays on a map from Google Maps Adapted web-based interface of the portal to suite the iPhone and BlackBerry native-UI principles Workout and training route data gathered from the user’s mobile is reflected on user’s profile page on website iPhone 3.1 SDK iPhone GPS API ( CLLocationManager ) GMap2 Google Map API for routes Xcode 3.2 Objective-C Cocoa Touch framework Benefits The mobile app has practical application for athletes to record and track their training route while on the run Support for location tracking was a seamless and integrated experience for athletes on the run with no additional devices or change in behavior BOTTOM LINE Company able to leapfrog competition in one stroke with a very usable application on the latest mobile platforms MOBILE SPORTS CLIENT WITH GPS TRACKING www.harbinger-systems.com Situation A portal for athletes to plan and track their workout, trail running and biking schedule Similar portals from company’s competitors provide features over traditional mobile phone platforms HSTC902 Technologies & Tools BlackBerry SDK 5.0 RIM / J2ME location and maps packages for finding and displaying device location Events, timers and UI layout classes for display on BlackBerry device screen

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