5 Safety Tips for Working at Heights


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For more details please visit at https://www.hsgsafety.com/ 5 Safety Tips for Working at Heights. Heights are unavoidable while working at a site but working safely on those heights is totally your call. Working safely at heights is not about luck or chance it requires a lot of preparation education and determination. A fall from a height is simply deadly and it just takes a second for this fall. Therefore employers must be fully prepared to protect their workers who work at heights and consider some tips for the same. Employ Rails: Rails are the best passive protection for workers working at heights because even if you fall you will fall within the rail and catch hold of it easily. They are the best way to work on heights and are easily available in markets in different materials and lengths. Buy it and you will find that working at heights is not that difficult also. Choose appropriate PPE: While working at heights ensure a proper selection of PPE. A harness is a must while climbing the heights. The harness should be of the right material and should have passed the safety tests. Remember the harness of one size won’t fit all. Therefore workers must properly adjust the harness so that it fits them correctly.

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For more details please visit at https://www.hsgsafety.com/ Each situation demands different PPE and therefore one must evaluate and understand the working conditions properly in order to avoid any fall later. Check your selected PPE: It is important to check your equipment before using it. Even if you are using them daily inspect them briefly before finally climbing with it. Here workers should understand that what is acceptable and what is not what they are looking for and what they should do in case they encounter a problem. The check should be brief but should never be ignored. Select best means of working at heights: Since every situation is different your protection measure should also be different. Somewhere you will find rails adequate while at another place a ladder would be the best choice for you. Depending on the type of height you should choose between the harness and lanyard. Thus it all depends on the right evaluation of your situations and the right selection of the equipment for completing your task safely. Use ladders properly: Simply because you find ladders at home and almost at every workplace does not mean that you know it and you gonna do it properly. A fall from a ladder is a common sight because we take its use for granted. Even though you have used ladder a lot of times at home does not mean that you will be successful in using it at workplace also. Make sure that ladders are in proper conditions and you have a right grip of it while climbing up. Figure out that is it the right mean to do your work at height and do not forget to wear your helmet and safety jacket . Because a simplest of fall can be a might one

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