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August, 2005 China Supplier Training

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Company Overview KAB Seating Trim Systems National Seating Sprague Devices CVG Recent Acquisitions Mayflower Vehicle Systems Monona Wire Corporation

Global Supply Capabilities:

3 Global Supply Capabilities Seattle, WA Tacoma, WA Vancouver, WA Michigan City, IN Dublin, OH New Albany, OH Chillicothe, OH Dublin, VA Vonore, TN Sweden U.K. Belgium Shanghai, China Brisbane, Australia Statesville, NC Agua Prieta, Mexico Monona, IA Naperville, IL Norwalk, OH Shadyside, OH Kings Mountain, NC Plain City, OH Farmington, Hills, MI Douglas, Arizona Edgewood, IA Spring Green, WI Livingston, WI Redgranite, WI Dekalb, IL Strategically located facilities poised to capitalize on industry expansion Focused manufacturing facilities located near customer assembly plants to minimize total “landed cost” and lead times New China facility offers low cost manufacturing capability for growing Asian market Mexico facility provides platform for developing low cost production capabilities

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4 Company Overview Worldwide Technical Center Concepts 50,000 sq. ft. facility in development Full range of engineering services (conceptual design, prototyping and testing) Full Cab Driver Environment Studies Engineering Capabilities

Company Overview:

5 KAB Belgium KAB Australia KAB Sweden KAB Seating, Northampton, England Company Overview KAB Seating Worldwide leader in construction seating market KAB currently has 46% of Volvo’s global construction volume (Grammer 28%, Isringhausen 22%, H.O. Bostrom 3% and BeGee 1%) New Modular seat program: Will give KAB 53% share of volume and 65-70% of the value. Sears will have 47% of the volume and 30-35% of the value.

Company Overview:

6 Company Overview Current Seat Projects (KAB and Volvo) Backhoe New Business obtained September 2004 Introduction of 800 series air and mechanical Introduced from September 2004 but main volume from 2005 Annual volume 2,400 Wheel Loaders Introduction of 569 as option Primarily for US market (built in Sweden) – Volume 500 per annum Introduction estimated May 2005 KAB Seating

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7 Product Innovation Allows CVG to source common parts for different markets around the world, with clean interfaces & standardized fixing methods, providing manufacturing benefits & maximum customer flexibility Modular Seat Concept Becomes Reality Headrest Module No tools / No fixings Backrest & Lumbar Module 2 x M10 Bolts total 3 x M8 Bolts each armrest 2 x 7/16” Seatbelt Mounts 4 x M8 Bolts 2 Pins & 2 Bolts hold top plate module 2 x M8 Bolts 4 x M8 Bolts Seat Cushion Module No tools / No fixings Suspension Cover 10 clips Company Overview KAB Seating

Company Overview:

8 Company Overview CVG Americas

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9 Focused Product Innovation Company Overview CVG Americas Backcycler® RoadWatch TM Tubular Wiper System 3D™ Headliner Process Proactively present solutions to: Improve Driver Comfort Improve Safety Reduce Cost Improve Performance

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10 Company Overview Trim Systems Trim Systems is the leading manufacturer of soft trim and integrated systems for the heavy-duty market. The company was formed as a joint venture between HCI and ASC in 1996. Three additional companies were adjoined between 1997 and 1999 to incorporate hard trim and soft trim capabilities. HCI bought out ASC in 2001 and new management was put in place. Trim Systems is committed to offering a diverse scope of products and services to meet the changing needs of all its customers.

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11 Company Overview Trim Systems Grab Handles Storage Systems Bumper Fascia Seat Covers Privacy Curtains Hoods & Exterior Fascia Bunks Instrument Panels Floor Coverings Systems Body Panels Seats Cabinetry Door Panels Headliners Wall Linings

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12 Trim Systems – Virtual Engineered Composites (VEC) VEC® system is a computer-controlled, automated closed-mold process. Production takes place in a self-contained cell Specifically formulated polyester resin system “Floating Mold” concept uses water supported thin shelled tooling in a large vessel (flexible/ inexpense) Controls/interface proprietary to the system VEC Shield incorporates the use of a vac-formed outer skin being in-mold bonded to the resin substrate Standard VEC – the mold is gel coated prior to the mold cycle Company Overview

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13 Company Overview National Seating Formed in 1936 in Mansfield, Ohio, National Seating invented the air suspension seat for the trucking industry and later became a leading provider of motor coach passenger seats. Since 1985, NSC has called Vonore, Tennessee home, where all primary seat design and fabrication is performed. Our “customer first” work culture, coupled with state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing, and assembly facilitites has helped position National as the seat of choice by OEM’s , Fleets, and Professional Drivers across the nation. It’s associates take great pride in their work and recognize that customer satisfaction depends on building zero defect products and on-time delivery, all at a competitive price.

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14 Company Overview National Seating Air Seats Static Seats Bus Seats Slide Bars Round Convex Mirrors Rectangle Mirrors Motorized Mirrors Heated Mirrors Braces / Brackets

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15 Company Overview Sprague Devices In 1928, Sprague Devices began in Michigan City, IN as a division of the Hays Corporation, supplying pneumatic windshield wiper motors for the electric railway lines in the U.S. In 1941, the windshield wiper division of Hays became a proprietorship and in 1947, became the Sprague Devices Corporation. In mid 1997, Sprague Devices and its sister companies - Sprague Prutsman, Sprague Controls, and Moto Mirror, Inc. became Commercial Vehicle Systems Group.

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16 Company Overview Sprague Devices Motors - 12v, 24v & Pneumatic Unitized Systems Kitted Subassemblies Wiper Arms to 36 inches Wiper Blades to 1 meter Washer Reservoirs Fittings Nozzles Washer Pumps (Electric and Pneumatic) Air & Electric Door Locks Air & Electric Rocker Switches Air & Electric Pushbutton Switches Air Stoplight Switches Pneumatic Cylinders HVAC Controls RoadWatch™ Light Wash™ CameraWash™ Keyless Entry

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17 Complete systems can be designed and assembled for ease of installation on the customer’s platform. Tubular frame designs reduce weight while providing a solid and reliable wiper system. United Wiper Systems Sprague Devices Company Overview

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CVG Recent Acquisitions Mayflower Vehicle Systems Monona Wire Corporation

CVG Acquisition:

19 CVG Acquisition Mayflower Vehicle Systems Location of Operations Engineering Office Manufacturing Plants Norwalk Kings Mountain Shadyside Farmington Hills % Sales by Customer ITEC FH Sterling PACCAR Mack GM SSR Ford Other MVSM Autocar 42% 15% 24% 4% 2% 1% 2% 4% 2% 4%

CVG Acquisition:

20 CVG Acquisition Mayflower Vehicle Systems Shadyside Stamping and Assembly Plant Proven Supplier to the Construction Industry Press stampings (low to medium volume) Exterior panels - class A steel, aluminum Inner panels – steel, aluminum Heavy steel underbody components Small reinforcements and brackets Flexible manufacturing Low cost developed blanking Finish trimming and piercing Low cost forming capabilities Assembly Spot welding – manual and robotic Rivet and Henrob Mig & Tig welding Hemming Bonding

CVG Acquisition:

21 CVG Acquisition Mayflower Vehicle Systems Shadyside Stamping and Assembly Plant Quality Operating System (QOS) ISO 9002 / QS 9000 Certified Since 1993 TS16949 in fall 2005 ISO 14001 Certified 2003 MEDIUM VOLUME LOW VOLUME HIGH VOLUME

CVG Acquisition:

22 CVG Acquisition Mayflower Vehicle Systems Kings Mountain Assembly and Fabrication Plant Paint-ready Body Assembly - Galvanized Steel, CRS,and Aluminum Robotic and Manual Spot Weld Huck / Henrob Mechanical Fastening MIG and TIG Welding Epoxy Adhesive Bonding Full-Body E-coat Facility Real-Time SPC Controlled Body Sealing Fabrication Center

CVG Acquisition:

23 CVG Acquisition Mayflower Vehicle Systems Kings Mountain Assembly and Fabrication Plant Quality Operating System (QOS) TS16949 Certified ISO 9002 / QS 9000-1998 Certified Since 1993 ISO 14001 Certified 2003 Quality Management System In Excess of 50 Monthly Metrics

CVG Acquisition:

24 CVG Acquisition Mayflower Vehicle Systems Norwalk Assembly Plant Body-In-White Assemblies- Produced in both Coated Steel and Aluminum Components Converted to Generation 8 lead-free “E” coat Robotic and Manual Spot Weld Huck / Henrob Mechanical Fastening MIG and TIG Welding Structural Adhesive Application Body Sealing Quality Operating System (QOS) ISO 9002 / QS 9000 Certified 1998 ISO 9001-2000 Certified 2004 TS16949 Targeted 2005 ISO 14001 Certified 2003 Quality Management System In excess of 50 monthly metrics

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CVG Recent Acquisitions Monona Wire Corporation (MWC)

CVG Acquisition:

26 MWC is a leading manufacturer of complex electrical and electronic wire harnesses, panel and power distribution assemblies and construction equipment cabs MWC provides its products primarily to the construction, specialty vehicle, military vehicle and agricultural markets and has excellent long-standing customer relationships with Caterpillar, Oshkosh Truck Company and John Deere MWC has eight manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico Monona Wire Corporation (MWC) CVG Acquisition Monona, IA Spring Green, WI TAC / DeKalb, Illinois Agua Prieta, Mexico

CVG Acquisition:

27 CVG Acquisition Monona Wire Corporation (MWC) Sales By End Market

CVG Acquisition:

28 CVG Acquisition Monona Wire Corporation (MWC) Long standing supplier to dominant OEMs in growing end markets Selected as corporate-wide supplier for most major customers

CVG Acquisition:

29 CVG Acquisition Monona Wire Corporation (MWC) – Mexico Operations Plant #1 – 60,000 Sq. Ft. February 2000 Douglas, AZ Warehouse – 11,000 Sq.Ft. February 2000 Plant #2 – 35,000 Sq. Ft. September 2002 Plant #3 – 20,000 Sq. Ft. February 2004 Plant #4 – 30,000 Sq. Ft. May 2005 Agua Prieta facility started in February 2000 ISO 9001:2000 Certification in April 2002 TS 16949 Certification in March 2005 Operational Excellence ( OpEx ) Program started in April 2004

CVG Acquisition:

30 TAC Products Monona Wire Corporation (MWC) – Mexico Operations CVG Acquisition Established in 1991 Located in DeKalb, Illinois (65 miles west of Chicago) 60,000 sq ft. leased production facility Main product – cab assemblies Two shift operation – Non-union Cab Supplier for the Caterpillar Aurora production facility Large Wheel Loaders (LWL) 5 base models Medium Wheel Loaders (MWL) 10 base models

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