5 Reasons Why Your Child should attend the Preschool

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For many kids, preschool is their first experience in a structured environment with teachers and children's groups. It's a chance to learn to share, follow directions, and start the basis for learning that will take place in elementary school.


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5 Reasons Why Your Child should attend the Preschool:

5 Reasons Why Your Child should attend the Preschool 1. Preschool is an opportunity for growth: For  many kids, preschool is their first experience in a structured environment with teachers and children's groups. It's a chance to learn to share, follow directions, and start the basis for learning that will take place in elementary school. 2 . Preschool prepares children for kindergarten: As kindergarten becomes more academic, many parents are looking to pre-school to start their kid on the road to kindergarten success. At the same moment, parents may be worried that the present trend of focusing on pre- mathand pre- literacyabilitiesin pre-school is pushing a kid to grow up too quickly. It's a confusing issue, with friends and family providing distinct views and suggestions in particular. Fortunately , parents are not compelled to choose between protecting the play time of a child and making sure that she is prepared for kindergarten when choosing a preschool. Children will be offered both by a high quality early childhood education program.


3. Preschool promotes social and emotional development: To learn, a young kid with a teacher or caregiver requires to feel cared for and safe. 3-year-old kid can spend time away from relatives and build up trusting relationships outside the family with adults. High quality pre-school programs foster hot interactions between kids, educators, and parents. And educators in their care create a close private relationship with each kid. Children flourish when home-school care is consistent. Teachers value parents as their children's specialists in high-quality pre-schools. Parents receive daily reports on the operations of their child and periodic meetings with employees are planned for more in-depth conferences. Teachers strive to comprehend the child-rearing objectives and values of parents and respect them. Young kids learn in "true time" social abilities and emotional self-control. Three-and four-year-olds learn through their experiences and excellent educators create time for those "teachable times" when they can assist kids learn how to handle frustrations or rage. They do not automatically step in to fix children's disputes for them; they have a well-honed feeling of when and when to let kids work out their own issues. They promote her to realize the effect of her aggressive or harmful conduct on another kid without shaming a kid . Visit


4. The preschool environment is structured, although it may not appear that way: A greatly organized atmosphere enables kids learn to create friends to each other and play well. This does not imply that there are many rules or that adults are constantly directing the actions of children. On the contrary, kids are mainly invisible to the framework of a high-quality pre-school classroom. In order to encourage social interaction and minimize congestion and disputes, classroom space is structured. 5 . Children get to make choices: Children have several activities to choose ; a kid who wanders without a goal is motivated to choose one that interests him. Teachers are alert to a kid who is unable to figure out how to enter the game of other kids and can give suggestions on how to join the group. Visit


About Us: Who we are? Orange Juniors Pre school it's an  JavaByKiran Initiative. – Startup preschool in Nagpur. What do we do? Every child has different levels of ability. By understanding a child's strength we teach in a way that makes it easier for children to learn. Where we are ? As of now, We have started the play school in Nagpur. We planned to spread our pre school throughout the India . Visit

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