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A transfer refers to lateral movement of employees within the same grade, from one job to another. According to Flippo “a transfer is a change in the job (accompanied by a change in the place of the job) of an employee without a change in responsibilities or remuneration”.


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Transfer Policy

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Job Transfer Meaning and Definition Meaning- Lateral movement of employees within the organization on same grade Flippo’s Definition- Transfer is changes in job of a employee without changing the remuneration or the responsibilities of the employee Three Conditions of Job Transfer Job position remains same Compensation remains same Status remains same

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Benefits of employee transfer improve the working experience of the employees Improve motivation and satisfaction of employees ensure overall skill development of the employees prepares the employee for future promotions Important Definitions Employee Transfer- Keith D., the shift of employee from one position to another keeping rest of the factor similar is what we call employee transfer in HRM. Lateral Transfer- Yoder et. al (1958), as a lateral shift of individuals from old position to new position by keeping the skills needed to perform job, duties, responsibilities or compensation unchanged.

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Types of employee transfer Production Transfer Replacement Transfer Rotation Transfer Shift Transfer Remedial Transfer Penal Transfer

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Manager/Management initiated Employee initiated Manager convey open position to HR department HR department search for suitable candidate internally. Suitable employee is contacted and verification of interest is done New manager conduct the interview of employee. After selection Transfer order is issued Employee check the online open position and apply Skill verification from HR and call for interview proper reliving from the old job to join new job. Transfer form is issued from HR After approval transfer order is issued Transfer Procedure

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Internal Transfer - Here the employee is transferred within the department or the branch of the company to a new position. External Transfer- When the employee is transferred from one department or one branch or one location of the organization to another it is termed as external transfer. Lateral Transfer - In the lateral transfer of the employee the grade and job of the employee remains same. However the employee gets opportunities to work with new coworkers and new environment. Important Definitions of Transfer

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Reasons of Employee Job transfer Fulfill the requirement of competency, distinctive skills and expertise of job position Shortage of employees in one particular department To resolve the clashes between manager and subordinates or two workers To break the monotony and improve the productivity of the employee Due to some personal issues, health issues or other life priorities of employee After marriage female employees request a transfer to live with their spouses

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Purpose of Employee Job Transfer Improve the work effectiveness Increase the competence and versatility. To handle changes in work as per market To maintain healthy employee relations. To correct the error in the initial placement of the employee. To avoid job monotony To adjust the employees within the organization Sometimes to punish the employees for misuse of the authority or position .

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