How to activate windows 10 on Hp compaq products


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If you are facing problems with the installation of window 10 in your HP printer then this ppt will help you to solve your problem. You can also contact us on 1-800-329-6701 tollfree


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Simple Snacks By Your Name Address : 49 Hilltop Court Council Bluffs, IA 51501 Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

How to activate Windows 10 on HP and Compaq Products?:

How to activate Windows 10 on HP and Compaq Products? If you need HP Technical Support or HP Printer Support especially when you are dealing with HP Laptops or Compaq products, you do need to go anywhere because you are already at a correct place. In this narrative, we will give you simple ways following which you can easily install windows 10 on your devices. Discover them below. Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

Installing Windows 10 on HP Laptops! :

Installing Windows 10 on HP Laptops! Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

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The brand new laptop does not start working just like that. When a user will open it for the very first time, he/she will be asked to type 25 digit product key. For this, follow the steps given below. Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

Log on as an administrator and get access to the internet.:

Log on as an administrator and get access to the internet. On your underside of the laptop, you will find product key. Type this product key on the space provided. Just as you do it, the windows will automatically detect whether the product key you have entered is valid or not. Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

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Product Key Will Be Blocked If Your Windows 10 Is Not Activated If you are experiencing this error, try to follow this method. Open Settings App Choose ‘update and security’ Then choose Activation Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

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Go to the store and see whether the valid license is available or not. If the license is there, then you just need to buy windows from the store. You can now use your phone to activate Windows 10. Go through the steps below to know how. Open the ‘Charms Bar’. Go to settings. Then go to ‘Change PC Settings’ Then go to ‘Activation Windows’. Now finally go to ‘activate by phone’. Select your country from the drop-down menu and select next. Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

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As you open this you will see some toll free numbers like HP Support Phone Number, HP Customer Support Number, HP Laptop Support etc. Call on the instructed number as from here you will get your Confirmation ID. You need confirmation ID to complete the Windows 10 installation process. Just after you will select your country, you will see a space where you have to enter the confirmation Id. Just as you get it, enter it on the space assigned to it. Now click on Activate. Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

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Here are steps to install windows 10 on Compaq and HP Tablets Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701

Slide 10: Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701 First, go to the Microsoft site and download ‘media creation tool’. This you can do using a Windows computer. Once downloaded, now use this tool to download Windows 10 ISO. Now create installation media for another PC. Select your language. Architecture 32bit (x86) Choose your ISO file option You can download ‘RUFUS’ in order to write ISO to the USB key

Slide 11: Toll-Free Number: +1-800-329-6701 Select Windows ISO File Select ‘GPT partition scheme for UEF’ Booting From USB Connect keyboard, mouse and USB key on the USB hub on your tablet using OTG cable. Power off your device. Now, press Power + VolDown till you are on Bios. Press an F9 key and then select your USB key. This will complete the process.


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