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Which is The Ideal Printer for Domestic Purpose? - The Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer:

Which is The Ideal Printer for Domestic Purpose? - The Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer The inkjet printer uses cheap printer cartridges compared to the laser printer cartridges. The laser printer is more cost effective because it can print between 1500 to 3000 pages but each cartridge costs between 60 pounds-120 pounds. On the other hand, the ink jet printer prints only 200 pages and a cartridge costs only 15 pounds which is much cheaper than the laser printer cartridge.

Slide 2: The laser printer is cost effective, if the printing is done in bulk, which is why it is the ideal printer to be used in an office. If more than 2000 pages are printed in a year, the laser printer is more cost effective. However, it is not cost effective to use a laser printer at home. The inkjet printer is suitable for domestic use as its cartridges are cheaper and they offer higher print and better colour definition.

Slide 3: HP is an esteemed brand that offers both laser printers and inkjet printers. The HP laser printer is used in offices and inkjet printer is used in homes. The reasons for choosing cheap HP cartridges for domestic purposes are : These HP cartridges deliver superior quality prints and thereby eliminate the need for reprinting and thus save both cost ad time. The HP cartridges are made from recycled materials and contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Slide 4: There are many online cartridge shops available. However, before choosing an online cartridge shop to buy a printer cartridge, you can search for an online store that offers cheap printer cartridges that deliver high quality print at high discounts. You can get this from a bulk online cartridge store that has a huge collection of printer cartridges of all printer models . HP Cartridge Shop has established a reputation of offering highly discounted cheap HP cartridges across UK with free delivery.

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