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Shanghai The largest city in China 上海 Music: A Chinese Popular Song

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Shanghai China One of the Largest Urban Areas in the World With Over 20 Million People in Metropolitan Area

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The Bund (外灘), Shangha’s Exclusive Waterfront, at Night

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The Peace Hotel (green steepled building) is one of the most famous buildings on the Bund.

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Customs House (building with clock)

Slide 8: 

Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Building (with round dome)

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Bund at night (the Bund Financial Center in the Background)

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Pudong (浦東), across the Huangpu River (黄浦江) from the Bund

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Dragon Boat at Night

Slide 13: 

Sheraton Hotel Nanpu Bridge

Slide 14: 

Nanpu Bridge (南浦大橋 ) Interchange at Night

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Nanpu Bridge (南浦大橋 ) Interchange

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Pedestrian Only Nanjing Road

Slide 17: 

Nanjing Road

Slide 18: 

Nanjing Road Crowded Today

Slide 19: 

Nanjing Road Not So Crowded Today

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Pavilion in the Yu Garden (豫園), Old City

Slide 21: 

Yu Garden Market, Old City

Slide 22: 

Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog)

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Tree of Hope

Slide 24: 

Yu Garden Market, Old City

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Shops, Old City

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Dragon Boat at the Bund

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Along the Bund Waterfront

Slide 28: 

Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank and Customs House

Slide 29: 

Peace Hotel Russo-Chinese Bank Building (The left most building) (The building with green roof )

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Building heights are restricted along the Bund

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Pudong (浦東)

Slide 32: 

Oriental Pearl TV Tower Pudong (浦東)

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Pudong (浦東) Skyline as of Feb. 2008

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View from the Huangpu River looking north The Bund on the left (west) and Pudong on the right (east)

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View from the Huangpu River looking north The Bund on the left (west) and Pudong on the right (east)

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Super Brand Mall - One Of Many Malls In Shanghai

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Back Alley

Slide 42: 

Back Street

Slide 43: 

American Tourist in Back Street

Slide 44: 

Rush Hour Traffic

Slide 45: 

Rush Hour Traffic?

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Shanghai Maglev Train Platform

Slide 47: 

Shanghai Maglev Train Leaving Station

Slide 48: 

Metro Station at Peoples Square

Slide 49: 

Peoples Square

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Shanghai Museum

Slide 51: 

Bruce Lee, Shanghai Wax Museum

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Opera House

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Shanghai Minxang, away from it all.

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The End A SofterImages Production

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