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Training for the RHC Institutional Planning Process


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Planning R O C K S:

Planning R O C K S Institutional Planning Process Training

The Planning Process:

The Planning Process Why we do planning How is planning organized Planning dates and next steps

Strategic Planning:

Strategic Planning A disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it.

What is Planning:

What is Planning Process to accomplish our mission Benefits everyone and better serves students Resource allocation Institutional Effectiveness Accreditation


ACCJC/WASC Standard 1 – Institutional Mission & Effectiveness The institution sets goals to improve its effectiveness The institution assesses progress toward achieving its stated goals The institution provides evidence that the planning process is broad-based, offers opportunities for input, allocates necessary resources, and leads to improvement of institutional effectiveness


ACCJC/WASC Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness in Planning The institution uses ongoing and systematic evaluation and planning to refine its key processes There is dialogue about institutional effectiveness There is an ongoing review and adaption of evaluation and planning process There is consistent and continuous commitment to improving student learning; and educational effectiveness is a demonstrable priority in all planning structures and processes

Planning Bodies:

Planning Bodies Planning / Fiscal Council Program Review Committee Student Learning Outcome Committee Enrollment Strategies Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Planning Process:

The Planning Process Orientation / Training Program, Unit, Area Plans Resource Allocation - Staffing, facilities, technology and equipment, budget augmentation Analysis / Assessment Leadership Retreat Institutional Goals & Objectives Assessment of Planning Process

The Planning Process:

The Planning Process 104 Program Plans 16 Program Review Plans 28 Unit Plans 4 Area Plans

Dues Dates:

Dues Dates Begin Program Plans and Program Review Plans – August 19 Planning Training – September 8-30 Complete Program Plans and Program Review Plans – October 22 Begin Unit Plans – October 25 Program Review Committee Meetings – Month of November Complete Unit Plans – November 24 Begin Area Plans – November 29

Resources & Tools:

Resources & Tools

Website Resources:

Website Resources Important dates Help line Feedback form Planning process Planning documents Planning training Program review Research

Planning Software:

Planning Software Plan Builder on or off campus Mac users Start a Program Review Plan Help text How to navigate

Planning Software:

Planning Software

Program Plan Content:

Program Plan Content

Plan Teams:

Plan Teams Representative group if possible Cross departmental Set up early

Plan Content:

Plan Content Mission Statement SLO/SAO Characteristics, Performance, Trends Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Accomplishments & Recommendations for Improvement Strategic Directions Goals & Objectives – Resource Allocation



Planning R O C K S:

Planning R O C K S Institutional Planning Process Training

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