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Are you looking for Tutor who can provide you Chinese tuition? House Tutor offers the best Chinese tutors, who will teach you using best ways of learning. To know more read this presentation.


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Chinese Tuition

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Some of the scholars and experts are fully aware of the long history of Chinese Language. For six thousand years it is claimed to be the oldest language. There is a strong evidence which shows that the written records were found from the Shang Dynasty and are 3000 years old. Another interesting thing was that the Chinese characters were written on turtle shells.

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Several creative ideas have been developed by Chinese House Tutor’s in order to teach Chinese language. Many feedback’s have been received by us from the parents who like to share their views about excellent teaching strategies.

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a Colour Coding - In order to introduce a new vocabulary to the students the home tutors use flashcards in which every colour shows a ton of pronunciation in Mandarin.

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b Flashcards- In order to engage our students using flashcards during tuition to craft a sentence. To learn how to construct sentences the students can challenge each other to create new sentences.

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c Audio Recording- By using audio recordings of the passages the Chinese tutor will be able to engage the students. They also question them in order to increase the student’s skill-set.

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d Reading Aloud- In order to enhance their confidence to speak our practice will provide them the required touch. The students are highly encouraged by the Chinese tutors during the lessons. The students can significantly improve their oral skills by recording their own voice and the playback in order to identify the ideas.

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