How to Keep the Dirt Out Over the Christmas Holidays

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Cleaning is a time-consuming process and nobody wants to waste the time in house cleaning during the Christmas holidays. Read this presentation and know how to keep the dirt out over the Christmas holidays.


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During the holiday season kids are responsible for most of the clutter at home. It is a good idea to setup a special Christmas stocking for kids in which an extra token is added each time the kids clean up.

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Tokens could be awarded on clearing tables after meals doing dishes cleaning rooms or putting away toys. Tokens can be cashed in on Christmas day for extra gifts cash for spending at the mall or Christmas candy.

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A clean feet rule works best when there are many house guests. It implies leaving the shoes at the door so that the dirt is not dragged in.

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Spring Clean Your House for Christmas

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Christmas is the ideal time to take that step and hire a professional cleaning service. Ensure that the cleaning service chosen is insured reputed and experienced.

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It is a time for you to relax without indulging in emptying cupboards pushing around a vacuum cleaner and dusting light fittings. You can engage professionals to do the hard work for you.

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A deep or "spring" clean can take time depending on the current condition of your home and its size. The services can include kitchen bathroom bedroom stairs and hallways with the options to add carpet window exterior and – on request specialised cleaning.

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Hiring a professional cleaning service for spring cleaning before Christmas cleans your house thoroughly including spaces you might tend to overlook. Your friends and loved ones will really enjoy the holiday season in a home which is fresh and shiny.

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