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No matter what type of adventure you are looking for, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience on one of Lake Powell's houseboats. :ferry:


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Lake Powell /destinations/lake-powell Lake Powell is a part of one of the largest undeveloped regions in the continental United States. Within gorgeous Arizona visitors can enjoy access to the neighboring airstrip at Page Arizona. From a houseboat rental visitors can check out the wild beauty of Glen Canyon and the deep blue waters of Lake Powell. Over thousands of years the Colorado River cut through the sandstone to create the phenomenal canyon that visitors can see today. The area is popular for its orange-red cliff walls and the many recreational opportunities in the surrounding area. While you relax on a luxury houseboat you can enjoy comfortable 70 to 80 degree water. This makes the lake perfect for days of swimming fishing and water skiing. Side canyons on the lake are fun to explore and are just wide enough to fit a houseboat. Many visitors to the lake enjoy star gazing during the nighttime or hiking within the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. For a more relaxed experience the region is home to sightseeing options and some of Arizonas best sunbathing beaches. For fishing options the lake is full of Crappie Smallmouth Bass Bluegill brown trout Walleye and Striped bass. In just a days trip visitors can sail from one state to another since Lake Powell covers parts of Arizona and Utah. For an alternative experience you can check out the courses at the Lake Powell National Golf Course. The true adventure seeker can explore the many hikes that dot the surrounding recreation area. The Navajo Canyon encompasses eight miles and includes petroglyphs from prehistoric people. Meanwhile the Mountain Sheep Canyon offers small hikes slot canyons and excellent fishing. Visitors can also enjoy hikes like Last Chance Bay West Canyon Rock Creek Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon. A regional favorite is found at the Forbidding Canyon. After reaching the canyon in your houseboat you can park the boat and hike 1.75 miles. Throughout the hike you can enjoy the worlds largest natural bridge and a rock formation that has been named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. No matter what type of adventure you are looking for you can enjoy an unforgettable experience on one 1/14

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of Lake Powells houseboat rentals. Ranging from 46 to 75 feet houseboat rentals on Lake Powell are available with numerous features and sizes. Our most luxurious houseboats sleep up to 16 people. In one of these houseboat rentals visitors can enjoy luxury amenities like LCD TV sun canopies and six separate bedrooms. All of the houseboat rentals come with fully- equipped kitchens and barbecue space for delectable dining experiences. Within the Lake Powell houseboat visitors will discover amenities like a galley kitchen swim platforms and satellite television. After a day out on the water you can relax within a whirlpool spa on the upper deck or slide effortlessly into the water on your personal slide. Ceiling fans wet bars and coolers make your traveling experience a breeze in even the hottest of weather. Meanwhile staterooms are equipped LCD televisions and satellite services. Whether you are looking for a dreamy vacation on the water or a non-stop adventure houseboat rentals are the best way to experience Lake Powell. 50-ft Forever Houseboat Starting at 1995 3-Day This 50 x 14 Forever houseboat is ideal for 2-6 people. Some of its popular features include the gas bbq canopy top waterslide and fully equipped kitchen. READ MORE 2/14

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59-ft Deluxe Houseboat Starting at 2751 3-Day Each 59 x 14 Deluxe houseboat sleeps 10 comfortably maximum 12 and comes equipped with a fully equipped kitchen television with DVD player in the living room water slide and a canopy top and wet... READ MORE 3/14

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60-ft Eagle Houseboat Starting at 3279 3-Day Each 60 x 16 Eagle houseboat sleeps 10 comfortably maximum 12 and comes equipped with DirecTV satellite upgraded interior decor water slide plus a canopy top and wet bar on the Sun Deck READ MORE 4/14

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70-ft Titanium Houseboat Starting at 4260 3-Day The 70 x 16 Titanium houseboat represents the finest rental craft youll likely find anywhere. More room to spread out and have fun. Your crew will be the envy of the waters as you travel and beach... READ MORE 5/14

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70-ft Silver Houseboat Starting at 4488 3-Day Enjoy all of the comfort that you have come to expect from the 70 Titanium with much much more The 70 Silver houseboat still maintains a very open layout to fit your group but comes with... READ MORE 6/14

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70-ft Gold Houseboat Starting at 5649 3-Day Enjoy all of the comfort that you have come to expect from the 70 Silver and Titanium with much much more The 70 Gold houseboat still maintains a very open layout to fit your group but now has... READ MORE 7/14

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75-ft Xtreme Houseboat Starting at 5685 3-Day Mead The 75 XTreme Houseboat was especially designed for Antelope Point Marina and Callville Bay Marinas rental fleet. The 75 XTreme represents the ultimate choice in comfort for your Lake Powell and... READ MORE 8/14

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75-ft Platinum Houseboat Starting at 6540 3-Day The 75 Platinum was especially designed for Antelope Point Marinas rental fleet. The 75 Platinum represents the ultimate choice in comfort for your Lake Powell Houseboat adventure. The 75... READ MORE 9/14

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Houseboat FAQ LAKE POWELL AZ What’s it Like on a Houseboat Renting a houseboat is like sleeping in a luxury hotel room on the open water. It offers a way to enjoy the peaceful serenity of Lake Powell without the stress of traffic or hotel rentals. From barbecue grills to waterslides your group can find the perfect amenities to suit your needs. Once you have found the right boat all you have to do is reserve a spot and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. How Do You Operate the Houseboat Most people learn to drive the houseboats in just a few minutes. You will have an orientation at the time you pick up the houseboat. That orientation includes a walkthrough of the boat and explanation of how everything works. Renters are instructed on how to operate drive the houseboat. All houseboats have manuals on board with information that was covered in the orientation and often more in depth. Renters are encouraged to ask questions during the orientation. Our Lake Powell destination also has a DVD that renters can watch after the orientation on the houseboat television. Are There Operator Requirements for Piloting the Houseboat All drivers must be a responsible adult at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license. A responsible adult must be on the houseboat during the entire rental period. You do not need a special license to operate a houseboat. 10/14

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What Are the Houseboat Rental Pickup and Drop Off Times Pick up and drop-off times may vary but in GENERAL: Pickup between 8 and 10 am on the first day Drop off between 2 and 4 pm on final day What Do We Do When Arriving at the Marina Renters should find the orientation office and get instructions from the marina staff on where to go to unload their belongings to start loading the houseboat. Wait for advice from the staff before unloading. Renters should be patient when they arrive as starting a houseboat vacation takes time and the staff wants to ensure everything is in order so that renters have everything they need. Is Pre-Boarding option to stay on the boat overnight the day before Allowed Yes pre-boarding is allowed at Lake Powell for an additional fee. Fees vary based on the houseboat selected. How Far in Advance Should We Book a Houseboat We recommend booking 3 to 6 months in advance. Often houseboat rentals are cheaper if they are scheduled for a few months in advance. At the very least scheduling early will ensure that you can rent the right boat. Popular spots like Lake Powell tend to rent quickly so you need to plan your vacation as early as possible. Call us 877-331-4421 to check availability. What to Pack for a Houseboat Vacation Guests should plan on bringing attire appropriate to the activities they will enjoy during their houseboating vacation. For most that means a couple of swimsuits some shorts loose fitted shirts and some flip-flops. A large brimmed hat and plenty of sunblock are good ideas for protection from the sun. If a guest is going to one of our destinations in the spring or the fall a light jacket and a few pairs of pants are a good idea for the evenings. Other ideas include some of your favorite DVD’s for night time watching board games playing cards and of course your favorite music. See Our "Planning a Houseboat Vacation Guide" Here What Equipment is on Board Equipment and amenities on board vary by houseboat. We list the specific amenities for each houseboat page. Standard equipment on houseboats include: Fully equipped kitchens with everything needed to prepare and serve meals Barbecue Grills Some cleaning supplies A supply of toilet paper and paper towels A fresh water tank 11/14

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Where and When to Anchor the Houseboat Houseboats are not equipped with anchors as anchoring requires additional expertise and isn’t as safe as mooring a houseboat. Mooring is the process of securing the houseboat to the shore where there are no underwater obstructions. Renters will be provided with all the equipment and instructions on how to moor the houseboat. We recommend beaches or coves where there will be some shelter from the wind especially at night while you’re sleeping. Renters should plan to moor the houseboat to the shore at least 2 hours prior to sunset. How Many People Will a Houseboat Hold Do Infants Count Toward Total Houseboats accommodate different groups depending on the size and amenities on the houseboat. All persons count towards the total regardless of age. Houseboat maximum group sizes are set as a safety standard by the US Coast Guard and cannot be exceeded. Do You Have Any Meal Planning Tips We absolutely recommend meal planning. Groups should start out by assigning different individuals in the group responsible for specific meals or snacks during the trip. Once that assignment has been made make a menu for those meals and shop accordingly. Make a detailed shopping list and make sure you get everything you need. It is very inconvenient to be miles out on the lake and to not have the ingredients you need to make a specific meal. Don’t forget condiments cooking oil and spices Lake Powell has shopping nearby. We recommend bringing dry goods cereal pancake mix spices etc. from home if you’re driving and shopping locally for refrigerated items like milk meats eggs etc. Ask us about these convenient services while scheduling your houseboat vacation with one of our experts. Can You Water Ski Behind a Houseboat No houseboats travel at a maximum of around 10 miles per hour which isn’t fast enough for water skiing. Can I Add on a Watercrafts or Water Toys Can I Bring My Own Speedboat personal watercraft jet ski and water toy rentals are popular additions to a houseboat rental vacation and we have these items. Water toys can include water skis wakeboards ski tubes kayaks and paddleboards. You are welcome to bring your own speedboats personal watercraft and water toys. Some of our destinations have special inspection requirements for speedboats and personal watercraft so please inform our staff if you are planning to bring these items when you are scheduling your trip. Will Cell Phones Work and Will There Be WIFI Internet Cell phones will work although sometimes reception can be spotty or just not available depending on your proximity and line of sight to a cell tower. WIFI is not available to houseboat renters while they are out on the lake. There is WIFI at the marinas. Can You Lock the Doors on a Houseboat for Security Yes you can lock the doors on a houseboat. 12/14

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What Can You Do on a Houseboat All houseboats have a swimming platform on the back of the houseboat with a ladder that comes down into the water for easy re-entry onto the houseboat. Many of our houseboats have swim slides. Some of our houseboats have hot tubs covered top deck sitting areas wet bars and premium onboard sound and video systems. Some houseboats even have satellite television. Is Smoking or Alcohol Allowed on the Houseboat All houseboats are non-smoking. Alcohol is allowed onboard all houseboats. Normal “rules of the road” apply to operation/piloting of the houseboat. There shouldn’t be open containers near the helm while the houseboat is being piloted. Houseboat pilots should not be under the influence while operating the houseboat. Are Firearms Allowed on the Houseboat We respect gun owners hunters and target shooters but firearms are not allowed on the houseboats. If you’re a concealed or open carry permit holder please ask us about the specific rules. Do You Need a Small Boat Can You Tow a Small Boat with the Houseboat Small boat rentals are not required but we do offer small boat rentals. These make a great recreation option allowing for water sports as well as faster/more economical exploration of the destination. At Lake Powell you’ll need to have another responsible adult to pilot the small boat separately from the houseboat as towing is not allowed. If Lake Levels Are Low Will it Impact My Trip Lake levels rarely if ever affect a renter’s enjoyment of their time at our destinations. Typically all the same opportunities for fun are available whether water levels are high or low. In extremely low water levels there can be certain areas of the lake no longer accessible. Will I Get Seasick Not likely motion or seasickness is very rare on inland bodies of water because if there are any waves they are very small. How Much Should I Budget for Fuel Renters are required to pay for fuel used during their trip. Fuel expenses can vary widely depending on how a renter conducts their trip. We recommend budgeting between 50 and 100 per day. How Do I Refuel the Houseboat Most of our houseboats have very large fuel tanks that provide enough fuel for a full weeklong trip. If a renter does need to refuel they would need to find a marina with a fuel station for refueling. The staffs at most marinas are very helpful and will even board your houseboat so that you can safely pull in and out of the fueling station. What to Do in Case of an Emergency in the Middle of a Lake Every houseboat is equipped with a CB radio where a special channel is reserved strictly for emergencies. 13/14

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Instructions on how to call in an emergency are part of the rental orientation. Are There Extra Precautions for Children Water safety is paramount with children and adults alike. For young children a life vest should be worn at all times when the child has access to the water. Life vests are provided at no charge. However we do recommend that you consider purchasing a life vest for your child at a local sporting goods store prior to you houseboating vacation so you can ensure a well fitted and comfortable life vest. Are Boats Wheelchair Accessible We have specific houseboats that are wheelchair accessible. The 75-foot Platinum Houseboat at Lake Powell even has an elevator lift for top deck access. Here are links to wheelchair accessible houseboats at Lake Powell AZ: Are Life Vests Required Life vests are provided and you are encouraged to wear a life vest if you’re not a confident swimmer when you have access to the water. Children should wear life vests at all times that they have easy access to the water. How Do I Know Where I’m Going Every houseboat has a map and navigational instruction is provided as part of the orientation. Some houseboats have GPS but most do not. 14/14

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