Marine Electrical Power


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Inverter power for bloats and chargers for boats, auto-transfer switch included


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Marine Electrical Power:

Marine Electrical Power DC-AC Inverters with Auto transfer and Charging LinkChamp DC-AC

DC-AC Inverter SP300-5000C c/w Utility-Auto Transfer and Charging:

DC-AC Inverter SP300-5000C c/w Utility-Auto Transfer and Charging LinkChamp DC-AC mobile power solutions are made for the marine markets. Providing products and solutions for both power and sail boats. Our Microprocessor Intelligent DC-AC Inverters provide clean, quiet AC power so you can relax and enjoy the comforts of your boat without relying on shore power , smelly fumes and a noisy generator. On the next page you will see a sample electrical system for sailing vessels and powerboats , where the entire AC power system is powered by a DC-AC Auto –Transfer / inverter/charger. Our LinkChamp DC-AC Auto Transfer /inverter/chargers wire into a boat’s existing electrical system as shown. Just connect directly to the battery bank so the inverter / charger can draw power or recharge batteries as needed. The length of time the inverter/charger can supply AC power depends on the size of the battery bank and the number of loads drawing power. Additional Rapid Chargers are available to increase the recovery for your exact application if required

Sample Design:

Sample Design

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In the above example, the Auto-Transfer /inverter/charger recharges the battery banks by converting a portion of incoming shore power to DC power. The rest of the incoming AC power is passed on to loads connected to electrical circuits powered by the inverter. When shore power is disconnected, the inverter switches on in 16ms and inverts power from the battery banks to provide power to connected appliances. This means the inverter/charger draws 12 [ or 24 ]-volt DC power from the battery banks and inverts it into 120- or 230 volt AC. An internal transfer switch senses when the power shore power has returned, allowing the unit to instantly switch from Inverter mode to charger mode and passing the shore power directly through to the loads connected. Inverter-only units are available for systems that already have a battery charger or do not need a Auto –Transfer switch system. Our Intelligent Inverter charger or Aux AD5012 provide multistage charging for all types of deep-cycle batteries. DC-AC LinkChamp also offers a complete line of marine power accessories including Inverter remote controls, battery Cables and battery combiner cable sets.

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AD-5012 Rapid Charger SP-5000C Auto Transfer /Inverter/ Charger Remote Control Battery Jumper Cables Custom Connection Cables

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Remote Panel Auto-Transfer / Inverter /Charger from 300-5000 watt and Custom up to 20kw

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