Wifi MIMO MESH A300N 300Mbps City Distribution System


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MIMO 300Mbps delivery Wi-Fi to mobile and fixed users in Citys through the world. Now 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz in MIMO 300Mbps data streams. Exactly same way the cell companys deliver from their base stations.


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“A300N 300Mbps MIMO Wi-Fi”:

“A300N 300Mbps MIMO Wi-Fi” 2.4Ghz N in 2Tx2Rx MIMO 300Mbps with 5Ghz N MIMO 300Mbps backhaul 2012 802.11n Wi-Fi BASE STATION AND CLIENT SYSTEM (OUTDOOR CPE)

A300N MIMO 300Mbps 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz:

A300N MIMO 300Mbps 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz

3 CPE-USB devices with ranges:

3 CPE-USB devices with ranges

Pilot Project:

Pilot Project The following design is a sample POC with the available data. A on site survey and preliminary Site Survey Design should be performed for final bill of materials is approved. The ROI is one of the most important tools for a profitable WISP. In this POC design we have limited the 120 degree sectional offerings to keep costs minimal.

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By placing only 1 A300N on each tower [ capacity 225 clients based on QOS per A300N] located in each residential area with dual Omni OM2415 TX RX antennas 360 degrees, we can have a great coverage. This multi A300N deployments allows the installer or client to connect with ease and low cost devices by way of strong signal and close proximity to the Base stations. S-LOS ,NLOS is possible here also and overlap from other Base Stations . This investment in the backbone network saves client connection costs, due to the low cost CPE or attachment of handheld devices.

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A NOC billing and management system needs to be added to this design and we can provided information for a future presentation and purchase. The aim in most WISP is to attract as many clients as possible with low cost connection. This is done by using an OPEN SYSTEM, the AP SSID will have all the same SSID identification, which allows mobility roaming for hand held devices.

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There is NO SECURITY enabled. The reason is here you have a TRAFFIC COP already in the new management system[ Wi-Fi City II], Username and password is required for each connection, You can sell cash load cards, Prepaid accounts Billed accounts Credit card / pay-pal payment accounts Since you are using 2.4ghz ,you want all these clients who have Ipads , wifi phones, PDA, laptops etc to acquire an account with ease.

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The data is user-isolated as a function of the A300N and our ZIGNSG-561 switch, all data is vlan tagged back to a termination gateway device in the NOC .[ Wi-Fi City II] There the authorization is completed by the account information. There can be no poison packet HACK done If a Hacker wants in he will simply buy an account, but it will prove useless as your detection software and staff will be alerted through abnormal traffic notification should someone try a attack.

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Any encryption used , will eliminate the Open system method and success for client participation. Also any encryption adds burden to the base station processor , speeds are affected, and errors are created with the extra packet attachments which decrease NLOS and LOS by as much as 35%. The following is the POC sample design , this may change based on a PRE SITE SURVEY yet to be completed.

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XOC-2406N 600mw 2.4Ghz N XOU-2010NBG 1000mw 2.4Ghz N 9km 3-5km 300-800M

Site Locations:

Site Locations Each area will need a tower and or roof access rights along with a power supply, this supply will be determined when the survey is completed and a new project preparation plan established for the provisioning. Most sites will entail a SP1000C 100% rated UPS inverter and associated batteries for 12or more hours backup , it has auto transfer and charging from utility. Should utility be un-reliable additional charge can be added from a solar option, [ this design and pricing is not included as a study has not been completed by our staff yet]

Sample SP1000C :

Sample SP1000C

PowerPoint Presentation:

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