P-WiMAX 2.3-2.7GHz and 3.4 - 3.7GHz 87 channel 60Mbps


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XLin P-WiMax XPRO-2X05-PW-Base Station &XPRO-3X05-PW-Base Station is the P-WiMax fixed licensed and Un-Licensed broadband solution designed to excel in complex outdoor environments. Subscriber units are xpe-2X05-CPE and xpe-3X05-CPE


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P- WiMAX 87 Channel 2.3-2.7Ghz and 64 Channel3.4-3.7Ghz JH Oct 2011

P-WiMAX 60Mbps with a Great ROI :

P- WiMAX 60Mbps with a Great ROI Base Station 120 Sector Subscriber Unit

XLin P-WiMax XPRO-2X05-PW-Base Station &XPRO-3X05-PW-Base Station Subscriber units are xpe-2X05-CPE and xpe-3X05-CPE:

XLin P-WiMax XPRO-2X05-PW-Base Station &XPRO-3X05-PW-Base Station Subscriber units are xpe-2X05-CPE and xpe-3X05-CPE LOW COST P-WiMax fixed wireless broadband solution that delivers high performance in multi-path environments . Outdoor environments present numerous challenges for wireless technology, even in the licensed and un-licensed spectrum. Signals must often travel distances measured in miles and kilometers, not feet. Near-line of-sight ( nLOS ) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) links are often the rule, not the exception. Tall trees and dense foliage challenge performance and reliability in rural and suburban networks. Tall buildings in dense urban canyons create challenging multi-path environments in city networks. Wireless operators need a broadband solution capable of delivering high performance in all types of environments with a reasonable return on investment [ ROI ]. A solution that reliably transmits signals long distances and at the same time maximizes throughput in a variety of LOS, and NLOS environments. While many have tried and are using traditional WiMax released in 2006 with mixed results and HIGH COSTS and a FLAT ROI , We have developed a superior alternative P-WiMax based on 802.11a and providing increased Bandwidth, distance, through-put and LOWER COSTS with a POSITIVE ROI ! and allowing many ISP business plans to turn around their NEGATIVE results.


Solution The Xlin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05-PW and XPRO-2X05-PW outdoor wireless broadband solution The X-Lin P-WiMax is the solution built to overcome virtually every challenge an outdoor wireless network faces. Built to our own proprietary P-WiMax using 802.11a standards, the XLin XPRO-3X05 provides maximum capacity while ensuring high throughput at long distances in licensed networks using the 2.3-2.7 GHz and 3.4 -3.7 GHz frequency bands. To help ensure optimum throughput in difficult multi-path environments, the XLin P-WiMax 2312-2732 ,3400-3700 features OFDMA with BPSK,QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM technology.


Result Proven performance in LOS , and NLOS locations In a series of tests in urban and suburban environments, the Xlin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05-PW & XPRO-2X05-PW system performed at high levels in LOS, and NLOS link scenarios. In the configurations tested, the solution delivered high levels of throughput 29.7Mbps Tx and 29.6Mbps Rx at ranges up to 30 km.

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To showcase the XLin P-WiMax XPRO-2X05-PW , XPRO-3X05-PW performance in a variety of complex RF environments, Hotware put the system through a series of tests. The testing was conducted in both urban and non-urban locations, in LOS, and NLOS scenarios .

Rural Testing:

Rural Testing Rural area tests were performed at Hotware factory in Taipei, Taiwan. A XLin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05 access point (AP) was mounted on top of the corporate building, approximately 150 feet off the ground and facing west over a heavily forested area. The AP was connected to three subscriber modules (SM) CPE with external antenna 23dbi Grid , each with a laptop client. Performance was tested at distances up to 30 km. with a Tx and RX through-put of 30Mbps each for a total of 60Mbps.Hotware tested the XLin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05 in forested locations because these environments are a dual source of interference. First, wireless signals from other cross transmission sources. Second, as foliage absorbs rain and dew from the atmosphere, leaves become saturated with moisture, contributing to signal degradation and exacerbating the problem. In the tests, the XLin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05 provided exceptional range and high bandwidth performance.

City Testing:

City Testing Similar tests were conducted in an city area near downtown Taipei, with the AP situated on a top floor balcony of an eighteen-story condominium building . The XLin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05 SMs CPE’s were positioned directly in line of the AP to test an LOS environment and aimed opposite for testing in an NLOS location. Equipped with OFDMA with BPSK,QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM technology the XLin P-WiMax is exceptionally effective in multi-path city locations. The system is uniquely adept at providing excellent performance even in dense downtown areas. When tested in these typical urban environments, the XLin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05 with OFDMA with BPSK,QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM technology capabilities provided exceptional range and throughput.

Fast Deployment, Cost-Effectiveness ROI :

Fast Deployment, Cost-Effectiveness ROI In addition to excellent range and performance, the XLin P-WiMax XPRO-3X05 Total Solution Division offers fast, easy and cost-effective deployment. Infrastructure costs are kept to a minimum, and a great ROI. The solution provides 802.11a interoperability for fixed outdoor applications . For more information on the Hotware XLin P-WiMax XPRO-2X05 or 3X05 contract our website at www.hotware.com.tw jhardy@hotware.com.tw

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