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Udaipur Hotel Fateh Garh - A heritage place to stay in Udaipur at reasonable price. Book your stay now and experience the luxurious accommodation at Hotel Fateh Garh Udaipur.


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About Us Hotel in Udaipur . Hotel Fateh Garh belongs to the Heritage Renaissance School of building. Heritage Renaissance - a term used to describe the laborious transplanting of the stone by stone, pillar by pillar of a heritage structure from a place not very far away to a new context - fresh and exciting; is truly an innovative creative expression in the dynamic world of travel and tourism. Everything at Hotel Fateh Garh is indeed a Heritage Hotel aka Heritage Palace and has been conceptualized, designed, and executed to revitalize the environmental - cultural - spiritual heritage of the past. The Kelwa family, our hosts residing within the heritage resort - sanctuary, deeply committed to an empowered and sustainable world; alongside offering a charming and warm hospitality, also, would like to share with the guest, the local rural development initiatives underway.

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