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Morni Hills Morni Hills is in only Hill Station of Haryana it is in District Panchkula. It is located 45 km from Chandigarh and 35 km from Panchkula. The name of Morni is believed to derive from a queen who once ruled the area. It is around 4000 ft above the sea level. Morni is ideal for a holiday with its cool climate beautiful natural vistas and myriad opportunities for bird watching trekking rock-climbing and other adventure sports. History of Morni The 14 ‘BHOJS’ of Thakur Rajputs: The Morni Hills were originally held by Rajput Thakurs who had divided the territory into 14 small estates. Each of these estates was called a ‘BHOJ’ Morni Route There are many routes for Morni Hills Ist Route 1 For Going to Morni after reaching to Majri Chownk Panchkula you can take turn from Kalka Shimla Highway towards Panchkula Yamunanagr Road. After taking turn first of all on one km run famous gurudawara Nada Sahib is located . 2 Just 500 mtrs from Nada Sahib gurudwara towards yamunanagar a left hand turn for Morni Hills is seen. 3 From this turn Morni Hills is around 31 km and Hotel Dreamway is around 26 KM . IInd Route 1 On Kalka Shimla Highway after crossing Panchkula a toll plaza is arrived. 2 Immediately after toll plaza a lights are seen from that light point one can right turn for Morni Hills. This place is called Chandimandir from this place Morni Hills is just 25 km. Places to visit Morni Hills a Tikkar Taal Tikker Taal means tikkar is the name of village in which taal is situated. English meaning taal is lake. A hill divides the two lakes the larger one is callled Tikkar Taal which is 550 meter wide and 460 meter long and the smaller one is called Chota Tikkar Taal is 365 meter wide and long as the legend goes there is be a hidden channel linking them as the water level of two lakes remains roughly the same Boating trekking bird watching leisure forest walks.

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b Morni Hill Thakur Dwar Temple A 12th century temple exists near the tikkar taal and and archaeological dig uncovered 12th century artifacts which are kept there in the open. As per the local legend the Thakur-dwar temple was built in the ancient times by the Pandavas after Yudhisthir saved his brothers by answering the ‘Yaksha Prashna‘. ‘The people of Morni believe that the Tikkar tal is the mystical ‘Lake of Death’ of the Mahabharat era and that the Thakur-dwar temple on its bank was built by the Pandavs in gratitude for being spared by the holy spirit. c Bhoot Banglow Bhoot Banglow is situated near Tikker tal mainatanied by Haryana Tousrim. d Morni Fort The Fort: The Morni Fort is a modest stone masonry structure built sometime in the 17th Century atop the Morni hill at a height of about 1200 metres. The fort is strategically located and dominates the road to Badiyal towards Sarahan in Himachal the road to Trilokpur the ridge road towards Thapli/ Mandana and the road to the Tals. The fort also overlooks the Morni town or Bhoj Jabial. There was a well/reservoir in the centre of the fort now filled up.The air circulates through the wends in the domes to keep the atmosphere cool during summer months. Restoration: The fort was in a state of ruin when the Haryana Forest Department took over its possession in 1977 from the Mirs of Morni. The bastion in the south-west had collapsed. The premises were thereafter used by the Wildlife department for running the Pheasant Breeding Centre until 2006.The fort was thereafter extensively renovated and restored to its original look in 2009. Care was taken during the restoration to use the same materials for the masonry works like lime powder and fly ash as were used in the original construction. A couple of modern rooms were added inside the fort for tourists.The Pheasant Breeding Centre was relocated outside to the make-shift enclosures on the slopes of the hill.

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Hotel Dreamway Village Budi Morni Hills Hotel Dreamway is situated in Village Budi Morni Hills. It is on Main Road just 5 km before Mroni Hills. The location of Hotel is covered with Pine trees and valley view. Hotel has parking facility and It is fifteen minutes before Tikker lake. One can began trekking towards Pine trees just crossing road from hotel. We provide Standard Rooms Deluxe room and Super deluxe room. LCD with Tata sky connection is provided in each room. We also provide two nights three package started from Rs 4000/- for two adults in which we provide accommodation breakfast and lunch/dinner. You can book hotel by calling us at 9888904467. We In our hotel AC rooms are also available. We have open restaurant with separate hut of each table. One also enjoy night dinner at hut. It is very beautiful place to visit in hot summer. You can enjoy minimum temp. Our hotel is in the category of Budget hotel. You can book hotel online also with hotel booking portals. Visit: Hotel Dremaway Village Budi Main Road Morni Hills 09888904467 m

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