Lap band Surgery Cheapest Cost in Mexico

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Lap band Surgery Cheapest Cost in Mexico:

Lap band Surgery Cheapest Cost in Mexico What is surgery? We may call it a miracle or anything else. But the fact is that surgery is a kind of controlled injury to the body. And if it is an injury then there will be risks too. Every type of surgery comes with its own baggage of complications. Same is the case with the Lap band surgery .

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Risks It is always a good idea to know about the risks of the surgery that you are going to have before taking the plunge. The major risks of this surgery are : The biggest risk of any surgery is the risk of infection. The types of infections that are possible in the case of the lap-band surgery are : Infection of the surgical wounds Abdominal infection Port infection Malignant Hyperthermia: In this, there is an uncontrolled rise in the body temperature of the patient. It’s a kind of allergy due to the medications.

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The band when inflated squeezes the stomach to create the desired diameter of the opening for the food to pass. It’s normal for some level of swelling to occur but sometimes, there may be excessive swelling which may create a blockage of the stomach and the food may be completely unable to pass. lapband may slip off its intended position. In such a case, a second surgery may be required to restore the position of the band. The band may also deflate if a leak occurs in the tubing.

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The use of anesthetic may also be dangerous. The band is a foreign material attached to the stomach . The risk of erosion is always there.

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