What is powerpoint?

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Using Powerpoint : 

Using Powerpoint Power point is a presentation software that allows you to make visual presentation projects.

Slides : 

Slides When you use powerpoint you are making a presentation of slides.

Slide 3: 

Every slide has a layout. A layout refers to how text and pictures are arranged on a page.

How should slides look? : 

How should slides look? Since the purpose of using Power Point is to present ideas, you don’t want to put too much information on your slides. Each slide should be on one subject. So for example, if your title is snails you shouldn’t have anything about dogs in that slide.

Lets see an example… : 

Lets see an example…

What was the first thing we learned? : 

What was the first thing we learned? The first thing we had to do for the Math Think-A-Thon was come up with a store.

Store Name : 

Store Name Once we came up with the store, we needed to come with a business name.

Our second lesson. : 

Our second lesson. The next thing we learned is that it is VERY important to figure out the square footage early in the process of starting a business.

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