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JustPaste.It is a free, simple note sharing service. At its most basic Just Paste It provides an online word processor for writing notes and documents. You can also insert images and videos into your Just Paste It notes. Sharing notes online with Just Paste It is a simple matter of clicking the "publish" button. Clicking publish generates a unique url for your notes that you can share with others. Justpaste.it

From the justpaste.it website:

From the justpaste.it website

Class use for justpaste.it:

If you give the students the url that allows editing, students can use this as good collaboration tool. Students can add content and everyone can see the content, and provide feedback. If you have a list of websites that you want your students to use, you could use justpaste.it so the students can access them. Teachers can easily share class notes with their students without having to worry about writing code or being technically advanced. Anything posted on justpaste.it can be saved as a pdf so students can save the work to their computers and always have access to it.(even if the Internet service goes down.) Class use for justpaste.it

After you enter the text you want and click on publish…:

You get a page that similar to this one: After you enter the text you want and click on publish…

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