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Industrial Product Design involves lot of originality, innovation of ideas and understanding. Along with taking care of design element, it gives deep study of the mechanism of the product that brings practicality and initial life to the product.


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Designing The Art with Engineering Industrial Product Design involves lot of originality innovation of ideas and understanding. Along with taking care of design element it gives deep study of the mechanism of the product that brings practicality and initial life to the product. Awareness of the Product is necessary as marketability is an important aspect for any product. And Industrial product design carries out complete analysis of the product before Aesthesis Industrial Product Design CONCEPT STYLING In this development stage mostly focus is on the aesthesis and functionality of the component which also specifies the material processes involved testing manufacturing cost.

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Mock-Up Vision in Reality When the product comes to our mind its reality is very unpredictable as its unclear how our product will look like in real in market to our customer. There are many “what if” in the situation where product is designed and its marketability is challenged. Mock – ups are enhanced version of product design. Mock-Up Dummy structure of the Design is created to check the product design in form of the product. All the details of the product are thoroughly studied regarding the design Colors Shape and minute details which get missed in designing phase. It helps in providing better molds and dies for final production of the product.

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ENGINEERING Engineering handles the functionality of the product with the look defined. Requirement of the client is ascertained which effects the design. Appropriate approvals are taken for plastic parts from laboratories and agencies. Engineering specifies the life cycle expectancy and with attached conditions and take care of dimensional tolerances for suitable fit and function. It has influence of processing and quantities of the product and considers total system cost.

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Confidence of Feasibility Prototypes are an essential process to bring the product into life. It follows various techniques according to the functionality and fitment of the product. It gives a clear idea of assembly issues de-molding concepts and child part fitments. One refinement of Cad models on a functional prototype gives a good confidence to proceed for real tool manufacturing for production. PROTOTYPES PROTOTYPES

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TOOL DESIGN Tool design is the root for the product development. Approvals of the mold and Dies are given by means of the tool design which emphasis on the design of the tool which is required to be made to understand the working of the tool and avoid any future errors during the final production of the Part. They are made by various inputs from client like number of cavity part material Tool life and any special requirement. Client can also study tool design and the engineering team provides detail technical understanding of the tool. It comes in form of Para solid U.G. and STEP. TOOL DESIGN

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TOOL MANUFACTURING When tool designs are approved mold designers with their skills and ability start the manufacturing of the tool. It could take from 30 days to 100 days to manufacture the tool depending on the size and technicalities of the project. We keep weekly update of the tool manufacturing process and provide data regarding the progress and status of the projects in form of pictures and videos. We implement highly mold quality systems and handles the client’s requirement. TOOL MANUFACTURING

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SAMPLING Before the delivery of the tools samples are manufactured at supplier factory and checked by our team and client’s. After all the testing and checking of the samples are physically done by visiting supplier premises. Molds are packed and exported after the approval of the final product. SAMPLING DELIVERIES We give time bound delivery of the mold with proper packaging as required by the type of mold and specification of the client’s. We value our client and all the molds and dies are suitably and safely loaded and checked in the container before dispatch.

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