Hong Tang West Palm Beach From Wu Han to West Palm Beach

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Hong Tang has lived in worked in West Palm Beach since she moved to Florida from China after college. Tang studied machinery, specifically oil drilling mechanisms during her time in China as a student. She took the first job she could get when she moved to Florida, at a spa, and hopes to use her training as a machinist to enter the very profitable local energy sector.


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Hong Tang West Palm Beach From Wu Han to West Palm Beach Hong Tang grew up in Wu Han, Hubei Province in Central China before moving to West Palm Beach after college. Tang loved her life in the cultural capital of the area and the province ’ s largest city, but she wanted to create new and different opportunities for adventure in the United States. Tang worked in a spa as a masseuse before moving on to new opportunities in her adoptive community. Today, she is raising a family in South Florida and teaching her children about her homeland in China.


Hong Tang West Palm Beach Looking for Energy Sector Opportunities Hong Tang West Palm Beach hopes to one day find a job in the energy sector near West Palm Beach someday in which she can work with oil drilling rigs. These machines are very complex and can be used for many different applications. Drilling rigs, in addition to creating holes in the earth’s sub-surface for natural gas, oil, or water extraction, can also be used to sample sub-surface mineral deposits, test rock, soil, and groundwater physical properties, and can be used to install sub-surface structures, such as underground utilities, instrumentation, tunnels, and wells. She says that she has greater opportunities there to work an honest job and start a family any way she wants. Tang has created opportunities for herself and her family.


Hong Tang West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Drilling Expert Hong Tang, an immigrant from China, has lived and worked in the West Palm Beach community for many years. She worked at a spa for most of that time. Now she is a homemaker for her small but growing family. Tang has an unusual skill that many people don ’ t know about in her social circles: oil drill repair. Tang studied how to repair and maintain oil drilling equipment during her time in college in China before she moved to the United States. Tang worked with these incredibly complex machines and learned much from her hands-on experience and classroom time before she immigrated to the US to pursue other opportunities.


Hong Tang West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Resident Hong Tang moved to West Palm Beach in South Florida after graduating from college in China. She worked at a spa and massage parlor for several years and now hopes to work in the drilling industry as a machinist. She is also interested in Chinese calligraphy, art, and writing. Tang hopes to someday return to her homeland to learn more about Chinese art, history, and writing. Tang also studied drilling machinery and equipment repair and maintenance in addition to Chinese art, literature, and history. Hong Tang loves to talk about her home city and its rich history to her friends and family in West Palm Beach. Tang is now a homemaker in the area.


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