Lantau Island Big Buddha A Popular Buddhist Pilgrimage Site in Hong K

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Lantau Island Big Buddha: A Popular Buddhist Pilgrimage Site in Hong Kong

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o While holidaying in Hong Kong tourists often spend time in exploring various street markets and night markets. They love to browse through the fashionable items and souvenirs and bargain with sellers for cheap prices. o But you cannot experience the distinct customs and unique culture of Hong Kong without exploring various temples shrines and architecture. o You can further make your upcoming holiday memorable by visiting Lantau Island- the largest island in Hong Kong featuring a long sandy beach and is located at the mouth of the Pearl River.

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o The trip to Lantau Island will enable you to explore the distinct Buddhist culture of the region by spending time at the Po Lin Monastery. o The famed monastery was built by three monks visiting the region. It still features three bronze statues of the Buddha along with many Buddhist scriptures. o The three statues represent the Buddha’s past present and future lives. The Po Lin Monastery mostly remains hidden away by lush mountains. But what you can notice from far away is the Big Buddha or the Tian Tan Buddha.

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o Unlike the bronze statues of Buddha the Tian Tan Buddha is not an integral part of the Po Lin Monastery. o The bronze Buddha statue was constructed near the ancient monastery in 1993. o But 34-meter high and 250-ton statue of Buddha is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. o Both local and international tourists love the experience of climbing 268 steps to reach the Buddha. o They even love to explore the unique status of Buddha constructed using 202 pieces of bronze.

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o In addition to exploring the Big Buddha many tourists also pay respect to the relic of Gautama Buddha. Many Buddhist monks believe that the relic contains cremated remains of the great Sakyamuni. o But you cannot pay respect to the relics without purchasing an offering. After buying the offering you can enter the shrine pay respect and exit. o While exploring the Tian Tan Buddha you can also consider hanging out at some of the restaurants operated by Buddhist monks. Likewise you can consider trekking the second highest point in Hong Kong   — Lantau Peak.

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o On the whole you have many things to do and many places to explore Lantau Island in addition to the Tian Tan Buddha. o You can even visit and explore Lantau Island as a single day excursion while staying in Hong Kong. o This Is Asia Tours can help local and international tourists to explore Lantau Island fully and comfortably by providing private vehicles. o We can further organize boat rides to help visitors explore stilt houses. o We even make it easier for international tourists to visit the Po Lin Monastery explore the Tian Tan Buddha and walk the path of wisdom in just 5 hours.

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