2 Sites to Experience the Distinct Culture of Hong Kong

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 Hong Kong has been interacting with other countries over a long period of time through its deep natural harbor. The former British colony further maintains a separate political and economic system from China.  Despite being full of malls and skyscrapers like other modern cities Hong Kong has a distinct culture influenced by both British and Chinese.  You can always make your trip different by exploring several tourist destinations of cultural and historical significance in Hong Kong.

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Lam Tsuen: The 700-year-old community of villages is popular among both locals and tourists due to the two towering banyan trees. Earlier local people believe that the trees have the power to bring good luck and grant their wishes. They used to write their wishes in paper tie the paper to oranges and then throw the oranges onto the branches of the banyan trees. The practice is recently prohibited to save the aging banyan trees. But the international tourists still visit the site to experience the unique custom along with visiting the Tin Hau Temple which was erected during the reign of Qing dynasty in honour of the Goddess of the Sea.

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Hong Kong Heritage Museum: The Hong Kong Heritage Museum enables international tourists to observe a large collection of ancient artifacts associated with the history and culture of Hong Kong. The museum covering an area of 7500-square- metre space consists of six permanent galleries. The visitors can observe the galleries to understand the history culture and art of the regions surrounding Hong Kong. They even spend time at the Cantonese opera hall to see a unique opera hall decorated with traditional bamboo sheds. However you must plan your holiday appropriately to explore many popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong within a short amount of time. You can even consider availing the services of a seasoned native Hong Kong guide to explore the popular tourist sites and know their cultural and historical significance.

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