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Purchasing a wedding ring is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. A contemporary trend in designer wedding rings is to have an artisan craft your personal design into a custom ring using titanium, instead of the traditional metals like gold or platinum. There are several key benefits of choosing custom-made titanium wedding rings to reflect your love and commitment. Here are 5 qualities that set titanium apart, making it a truly outstanding choice. Titanium Rings are Exceptionally DurableMost people don't think of durability when choosing jewelry. However, it's a very important aspect to consider. Wearing a wedding ring is not like wearing a necklace. Since rings are worn on the hands they are prone to damage. If you don't choose a strong metal, you could find that your ring is no longer round or that it has become thinner over the years as the metal wears away. If you choose a ring that irritates your skin, how can you expect to wear it day in and day out? No one wants their wedding ring to cause them pain or irritation. Body chemistry can change over time and a metal that was once wearable can cause contact dermatitis. This will never happen with titanium.Titanium is Extremely LightweightMany people dislike the heavy feeling of traditional metals. Someone who doesn't normally wear rings may

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find that a wedding band made from traditional metals can feel heavy and uncomfortable. Most people don't want to feel like their wedding ring is weighing them down.Fortunately, titanium is very lightweight. Most people won't even realize that they are wearing a ring, let alone be bothered by it. Since your wedding band is a ring that you'll be wearing for the rest of your life, you will certainly want to make sure it's comfortable.Titanium is an Attractive AlternativeThe natural color of titanium is a lustrous gray, somewhat darker than platinum. Additionally, a special quality of the metal is that it can be anodized or colored in many rainbow hues. Inlays of gold, platinum, and palladium offer an additional contrasting element that can create an alluring combination.Titanium Rings are AffordableOne of the greatest benefits of titanium wedding rings is their price. Titanium is much more affordable than gold or platinum. This bag is timeless, distinctive, and now until the 1950s as the love of luxury consumers. Chain embedded in leather and Ling Guppy area has become a symbol of Hermes Kelly bag in the world, it may be, that the king's purse from the famous - Hermes Birkin - better known.

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