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Honeywell’s Hometronic eco control system can take your domestic heating to the next level with its innovative technology. It reduces energy usages and emissions and improves the comfort level by direct heating. Get it installed by HWCH.co.uk today!


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Contact Us Hot Water & Central Heating Ltd Woodbury Barn, Woodbury Cottage, Troy Lane, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 6QL TEL: 01732 866282 or 0845 6442525 You can also visit us at :- http://www.hwch.co.uk/

Boiler Replacement:

Boiler Replacement Boilers are essential appliances for a perfect home. They are decisive elements in the energy production process of a home. Considering a boiler replacement for your home can reel in varied benefits and outcomes. We can gain a clear understanding of the significance of replacing old and non-condensing boilers with more sophisticated boilers by assessing the various facets that should be looked into prior to the replacement. Undoubtedly, boilers consume more than half of the total energy and also prevail in the energy bills. Thus, a replacement can ensure lower expenses by cutting off the superfluous consumption of energy by insufficiently designed boilers.

Warm Air Heating Systems :

Warm Air Heating Systems Warm air heating systems are currently in rage due to the novel designs and effective variants available in the market. Relaxing in your home on a chilly Sunday morning can be made possible only with the implementation of an air-heating system. The various designs available in the market today are capable of delivering ace standards of dependability, comfort and warmth. The pros of warm air heating systems from Lennox do not cease with just the above. You do not have to worry anymore regarding sludge formation, sticky valves, and water leaks that are common with conventional air heating systems.

Boiler Installation:

Boiler Installation Boiler installation can carry hordes of worries along with it if you haven’t prepared your basics. In our discussion, we shall emphasize on the essential prerequisites for installing boilers in our homes. The installation procedure of a boiler is equally important as the purchase of an efficiently designed boiler. Discrepancies in the installation process can convert a product of convenience into a fatal hazard. Moreover, you can have to pay for subsequent maintenance procedures in case of an improper installation. You can opt for boiler packages which include the facility of installation too. These packages ensure that the installation is carried out by adequately qualified personnel. If in case you purchase a boiler package which doesn’t facilitate installation, then it is advisable to have it done by local professionals.

Flue Chimney:

Flue Chimney There are many sorts of flue chimney alternatives to consider while fabricating a fireplace in your home. The flue plays a distinctive role in the design of the fireplace. The versatile nature of flues and their diversity can be apprehended from the variants of flues available in the market. Conventional chimney flues such as the brick flue are made from red bricks and are capable of extraditing inflammable gases and smoke from the fireplaces. The more sophisticated variants of flues include the power flue which can be implemented at instances where construction of a chimney is somewhat unfeasible. In this flue, an external fan ejects combustible gases from the fireplace. Chimney caps are also a major component which shall not be ignored at any cost.

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