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Decorate a baby's bedroom (the nursery) with beautiful wallpapers, wall murals. Homestore Online presents some easy steps for designing a baby nursery.


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How to Design a Baby Nursery with Wall Murals?

Focusing on the essentials:

Focusing on the essentials Give yourself time and freedom

Consider your budget:

Consider your budget Bear in mind that baby is only a baby for a short space of time. It may not feel like it now, but over-blowing the budget on baby gear and gadgets isn't really the best idea. Save your pennies for the growing child, who will cost you considerably more than baby. In this same vein, do not be ashamed to accept heirlooms and hand-me-downs. For example, a crib that gets passed around the family is great, provided it has been checked for safety prior to each use.

Consider childproofing needs throughout the design and assembling process. :

Consider childproofing needs throughout the design and assembling process.

1st Measure the room:

1 st Measure the room Designing the nursery

2nd Measure the room:

Designing the nursery 2 nd Measure the room

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Put the changing table close to the crib. When the baby has wet accidents, you don't want to carry him or her across the room.

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Adding design Wall Murals

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Choose some flooring

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Adding the nursery furniture

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Select a baby crib Find baby nursery furniture to complement your crib.

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Choosing final touches Hang decorations, decorate wall with murals and stickers.

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