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Find A Realtor - Why people should find a Realtor - Dan Eason of interviewed Terrylynn Fisher, a Realtor in Walnut Creek, California. In this interview she gives reasons for hiring a Realtor when buying or selling your house. Post your Questions on related to Hire or Find a Realtor, How to Sell a House and get suggestions from Expert Home Stagers.


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A Raleigh realtor you can trust is, her name is Ruby.

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Why People Should Hire a REALTOR® When Buying or Selling a Home 90 Seconds with…

Terrylynn Fisher : 

Terrylynn Fisher Highlighted REALTOR® Walnut Creek, California

The agent's job is threefold : 

The agent's job is threefold Counselor Negotiator Facilitator

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The market sets the general price for a home, but a skilled negotiator with a strategy can net you 3 - 6%+. Example

You hire a REALTOR® for: : 

You hire a REALTOR® for: Primarily - what they KNOW about selling homes Secondarily - what they DO to sell homes Don’t forget about their specialties/designations

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The largest investment most people make in a lifetime is their home …why gamble that with a part-timer (yourself)?

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Final Thought: “Don't forget REALTORS® are also a good resource.  The best and busiest REALTORS® know the best and busiest home stagers, painters inspectors and lenders.  It's not whether to use a REALTOR®, it's which REALTOR® to use.”

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