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Home Staging Services - The Importance of Improving Flooring - Roslyn Ashford, a home stager offering Home Staging Services in Silver Spring, MD, discusses flooring and home selling on http://energizedseller.com/, the web site for home selling tips and home staging tips. Go to http://energizedseller.com to get more tips on Home Staging Services.


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The Importance of Improving Flooring 90 Seconds with…

Roslyn Ashford : 

Roslyn Ashford Highlighted Home Stager Silver Spring, Maryland

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Necessary to be in good condition; flooring conveys with home and to the next owner.

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If carpet is older than 7 years and light colored, replace it. If carpet is younger than 7 years and dark colored, clean it and keep.

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If carpet has an emotional color such as pink or rose, dark green or magenta, consider replacing For Berber carpet, keep if in good condition

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If vinyl flooring in kitchen is in good condition, keep it. If not, replace with tile. If lucky enough to have hardwood floors, show them off!

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“Think of staging as wearing best suit for an interview - Stage your home for buyers the best way too.” Final Thought:

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