B1 Speaking and Listening Test Questions

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How to Pass B1 English Test for British Citizenship

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Passing the English speaking and listening test is part of showing that you are ready to become a citizen or a permanent resident of the UK.To apply for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain you need to take a test at B1 level at a secure language centre. Now remember you only need to take the test that tests your speaking and listening ability. You will not be tested on your writing at all.

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SPEAKING TEST TIPS In order to show that you are competent in English language you need to be able to articulate yourself fluently and without too much hesitation. Try to avoid words such as ‘Erm’ ‘Umm’ ‘Hmm’. If you need to pause take a deep breathe and recollect your thoughts. Do not try to fill any awkward silences with irrelevance. This will lose you marks and the assessor will not be impressed.

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LISTENING TEST TIPS In your English and Listening test you will be assessed on how well you are able to listen. You are not only being assessed on how well you can communicate in English but how much you can understand other people. Make sure you pay attention to what is being said. Do not answer a different question. If you missed the question ask them to repeat it. Don’t just give ONE word answers. This will make you look incompetent.

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