5 Tricks to Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

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There are endless reasons to get dirt on windows and mirrors, no matter how often you clean them. In this presentation Home Maid Better, the cleaning services in Edmond OK discuss 5 tricks to cleaning windows and mirrors.


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5 T R I C K S T O C L E A N I N G W I N D O W S A N D M I R R O R S H O M E M A I D B E T T E R

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You can make an excellent and highly effective glass cleaner at home for less money. Mix ammonia rubbing alcohol and non-antibacterial dish-washing liquid and pour the mixture into a recycled spray bottle. Use it now to spray on the window and wipe to see the result. Make Your Own Cleaner

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When cleaning window or glass there may be some streak on it. Spray the homemade cleaner and wipe them dry using crushed newspapers. Using newspaper instead of towels may leave your hand dirty but the window or mirror will be sparkling and streak free. You can wet the newspaper and wipe down the glass. To finish off use dry newspaper to dry and polish the window. Grab Newspaper

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Paper coffee filter is as convenient inexpensive and lint free as a newspaper. This is a modern alternative to the newspaper. The extra absorbent won’t leave your window with a fuzzy coat or fill your hand with newspaper ink. Dip the filter into the homemade cleaner wipe the window and dry the window off. Always remember to wear vinyl or rubber gloves while cleaning. Paper Coffee Filters

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Blackboard eraser will be the best option to get crystal clear window or mirror. After washing and drying the window with either newspaper or coffee filters rinse gently with a clean and dry blackboard eraser over the window. It will remove any streak and give them diamond bright shine. Blackboard Erasers

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Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight or dry wind. If the glass is too much warm then you could hardly get any chance to wipe the window as it will dry the cleaner before you get the chance to wipe it. This will leave spots streak and film. Avoid Direct Sunlight

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