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All you want to know about Home exchange listing in Homelink What is a HomeLink listing Your exchange listing is a page devoted to your home with a detailed description of your its place amenities and surroundings. It also includes information about your travel plans and about you and your family. It is what your potential exchange partners will see when they search for an exchange in your area. If they like it they will contact you to propose an exchange. How do members find out about my listing once I have joined As soon as your listing has been published in our on-line database it will be added to our list of "Most Recent" home exchange offers which is regularly consulted on the Search page. It will also be included in email Listing Alerts and sent to members who are actively searching for an exchange in your area. Furthermore there is no better way for members to know about your listing than by contacting other members yourself through our secure messaging system. So be bold and send out your offers straight away.

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At what point will my listing be published on the site When filling out your listing you will see a gauge indicating its degree of completion. In order to make sure the high quality of our network HomeLink members must complete 90 of their listing before it is published on the site. This means filling in all mandatory fields as well as a certain amount of important but optional fields. Remember the more complete and attractive the listing the more exchange offers you will receive. Can I list multiple homes with HomeLink You can list as many homes studio apartment summer cabin etc. as you wish at no extra cost. How can I make my listing more appealing Be sure your listing has a nice choice of photos see How I can improve my photos. Have your exchange partners sign your Guest Book after each exchange. Be sure your Dates and Destinations are filled in and up to date. Complete as much information in your Profile as you can add a description and fill in details about you and your family. Review the Affinities and Affiliations section and be sure that you select all the items that correspond to you and your family. How can I improve the photos on my listing Photos are the first thing prospective exchange partners look at when considering an exchange. Listings with great photos receive more offers. Five simple tips can make all the difference: 1 Light it up - brightness lends depth and color variance to the scene. Sunlight is best but if it’s a dim day just turns on the overhead light and lamps. 2 Shoot into a corner - this shows the range of space and adds dimension to the photo. 3 Clean the scene – De-cluttering is key as it will make your place feel more livable and extra things won’t distract in the photo. Just be sure this is a true reflection of how guests will find your home. 4 Highlight the amenities – take pictures of what makes your place unique and comfortable: patio BBQ view… 5 Take exterior photos – they help people imagine what coming home to your place will look and feel like. Photograph the entire structure and surrounding area. What is a "Listing Alert" A Listing Alert is a weekly message sent to you upon request informing you of new listings that correspond to your selected Dates and Destinations. For example if you are searching for a two-week stay in California in June and if you request a Listing Alert on that you will be informed of all new listings proposing a home for exchange in California for two weeks in June.

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Why is it important to fill out specific Dates and Destinations for my listing So you can receive exchange offers that correspond to your travel plans. With set Dates and Destinations you will receive more relevant offers from other members and avoid having to write negative responses to exchange requests from places you are not interested in or that do not correspond to your availability. You will also be able to request Listing Alerts on your Dates and Destinations and receive weekly updates of new listings that correspond to your travel plans see question what is a Listing Alert. What is the Response Rate Each members listing shows a percentage figure called the Response Rate. This figure reflects the rate at which each member responds to messages received in the HomeLink messaging system. The Response Rate is calculated on the first email received from each correspondent. A high response rate attracts more home exchange offers than a low one. as well as being polite its to your advantage to respond to each request that you receive.

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