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Things You Need to Know About Underfloor Heating With Carpet Many people often wonder - will it be okay to use carpet along with underfloor heating The answer is simply yes Floor heating is well suited for use under carpet provided that care is taken in the selection of materials and by having it professionally installed. Staying warm during the winter season is important and traditional air heating sometimes doesn’t give you the heating you need. Installing underfloor heating beneath an appropriate carpet can result in a very cosy atmosphere– just what you need when the cold winter weather sets in. During winter season underfloor heating fitted underneath carpeted floors becomes necessary. Underfloor heating has become increasingly popular and there are various underfloor heating systems in Sydney that are now being offered. Hydronic heating service is one of them. Before you consider opting for underfloor heating under carpet you need to keep some important things in mind. We will discuss them below.

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• Try to choose an underlay with minimal thermal resistance Underlay can be defined as a fabric which is placed in between your carpet and the floor. The choice of underlay is critical for best performance from your heating system. So if you have decided to install an underfloor heating system always go for underlay with minimal thermal resistance to avoid thermal blockage and uneven heating pockets. • Use Hessian backed carpet instead of conventional carpet Hessian backed carpet is mostly preferred than the conventional carpet due to its effectiveness in transferring the heat uniformly throughout the floor and to promote efficient operation of the system. • Sticking to a safe temperature preferably 27 Degrees Celsius After the installation of your underfloor heating system try to set the maximum temperature to a safe levels which is 26-27 degrees Celsius. This means that the floor heating system is restricted to a certain maximum heat output. This reduces the risk of overheating preventing the carpet catching fire. In order to determine the ideal temperature of the thermostat you can take the advice of the experts. • Always try to ensure that the tog value of your carpet is well within the desired limits When you are using underground heating under the carpet systematic and proper care should be taken for an effective heat transfer. Everything that lies directly above the underfloor heating like the underlays need to be set within the limits. All carpets have a tog rating which indicates how insulating the carpet is. Generally a carpet’s tog is between 1.0 to 2.0 and the best carpets to use with underfloor heating are those with tog ratings of less than 1.5. Before purchasing a carpet don’t forget to check the tog of the carpet and make sure the tog value doesn’t exceed the critical value of 2.5. If you think that the tog value of your carpet is exceeding the critical limits it is advisable not to install an underfloor heating system as you might not get optimal underfloor heat or worst it might cause a serious accident. • Due care should be taken regarding proper insulation as it is quite vital for your safety To make your system efficient and to prevent short circuit make sure that the subfloor is properly insulated. A subfloor is the concrete or plywood base where the underfloor heating system is installed. To put it simply the more the insulation the higher is the efficiency of your heating system. These are the few things that you should keep in mind before installing an underfloor heating system may it be hydronic or electrical.

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