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Fitness Tips for Beginners :

Fitness Tips for Beginners Home Fitness Direct Home Fitness Direct

Even if you’ve been working out for years chances are that you could be making the same mistakes as beginners. Here are a few tips to help.:

Even if you’ve been working out for years chances are that you could be making the same mistakes as beginners. Here are a few tips to help. Don’t miss a day: Workout out on all days. Beginners need to form a habit of exercising. Building consistency and routine into your schedule is important say trainers across the world.

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Don’t overwhelm yourself: Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. Aim for a simple 30 minutes of cardio daily and strength training twice a week for the first two or three months. Stick to this till you feel it has become easy and part of your routine. Then you can move onto changing your routine exercises. Relax : Beginners tend to get tense and clench their muscles. If you find yourself clenching or white knuckling the bike bars then you are too tense. Loosen up. Hold loosely the muscle groups that you are not using and pay attention to the muscle groups that you are working on. Clenching or tensing muscles will only result on a waste of energy.

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Vary your routine: Beginners tend to get stuck on the same routine every time for long periods. The same routine and same intensity tends to make you feel super fit. Actually, it is that your muscles have got used to the challenge. Keep varying your workout or increasing the challenge. Don’t remain on the treadmill forever. Switch to varying your time and intensity, try out the cross trainer or the elliptical occasionally. You could also try going for a jog or walk outdoors, climbing stairs etc.

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Posture : Keep your posture upright at all times. Whether you are curling the dumbbells or working out on the elliptical, make sure you don’t slouch. Slouching affects your mood and in turn your performance and the results of your workout. It takes your mind off your workout, you check out mentally and physically. If your mind in not on your workout, you’ll end up receiving little from it. Slumping doesn’t facilitate deep breathing which is essential to your workout. Breathing pumps oxygen into the muscles which is necessary for to keep your muscles in good condition during your workout. Following a few simple fitness tips will help beginners in the long run to stick to their workout schedules, be satisfied, gain results and overall- stay fit and happy.

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