Virtual reality to revolutionise palliative care

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Virtual reality to revolutionise palliative care

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The   palliative care   methods for dementia vary depending on the type of the disease, with several different methods coming into play . Sadly , the majority of them don’t slow down the progression of the disease.

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  Palliative care team of multi-disciplinary health professionals Home Caring provides personal care, emotional support, companionship and works closely with the   palliative care  team of multi-disciplinary health professionals including doctors and nurses.

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Dementia care facilities  Recently releasing a VR headset designed for  dementia care   facilities. Victoria-based company Build VR are pleased they’re able to make a difference.

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Domiciliary Care Our objective is to enhance the quality of life of people living with dementia or disability. Through quality at home care services we aim to reduce stress, and provide more comfort for people living with dementia or disability.  Specialised programs including mind stimulation and products can potentially also assist in delaying the development of dementia.

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